City Council Wrap-Up 3/7


After much discussion and heated debate the city voted to approve the following items.

5-1 Approval of Lodging Tax Advisory Committee’s Recommendation – This determines how tax funds recieved from Motel 6 are used to encourage tourism in the city. This also authorize the City Manager to execute a funding agreement with Friends of the Arts, Mountlake Terrace Business Association, and the Nile Shrine Center for the aforementioned events for the year 2011. The agreements will specifically provide for the expenses to be reimbursed with hotel-motel tax funds following the event and require a final written report, with receipts, be submitted after the conclusion of the program/event.

4-1 Approval of 2011 Tour de Terrace Funding Agreement – This combines 3 agreements between the city and Tour de Terrace; the use of public property, Lodging Tax Revenue Allocation, and City In-kind Services Contribution. Also authorizes the City Manager to execute an agreement between the City of Mountlake Terrace and the organization sponsoring the 2011 Tour de Terrace Community Festival for: use of public property; Lodging Tax Revenue Allocation not to exceed $17,820, and City In-kind Services Contribution for an amount up to $8,046.70. The organization sponsoring the 2011 Tour de Terrace Community Festival will reimburse the City for any costs above that amount ($8,046.70) within 60 days of receipt of an invoice from the City.

7-0 Public Hearing and Adoption of Zoning Code Housekeeping Amendments Ordinance – This admends three technical errors recently found in previous year’s ordinances. These were precautionary changes, to prevent any potental issues in the future.

If you would like to learn about about your city council you can listen to meetings here.


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