City Council Updates Freeway/Tourist Code


Heights were reduced and trees were required in the Freeway/Tourist Zoning District under a Zoning Code amendment approved by the City Council after a public hearing October 18.

The Freeway/Tourist district is just east of I-5 between 236th and 244th. It includes the Gateway Place commercial area.

Under the previous code, building heights were unlimited in this district. The new code restricts heights based on building locationsócalling for maximums of 3 stories in one area of the district, 4-6 stories in other areas, 20 stories in one area next to I-5, and 12 stories in another area next to I-5. Until a Transfer of Development Rights program or similar program is adopted, the interim height limits are even lessó3 to 4 stories in the entire district.

The new code also requires a tree buffer to preserve the existing wooded areas where the Freeway/Tourist district and a single-family zone come together. As development occurs in all areas of the district, open space must now be provided. Design standards must be followed too.


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