City Council extends developers’ discount for parks and transportation fees


mltnewsThe Mountlake Terrace City Council unanimously adopted an ordinance to extend the current impact fee discount rate for developers for parks and transportation improvements for their projects for three years at its Tuesday meeting. The current 50 percent discount now extends to October 1, 2017.

Under state law, development impacts cannot be entirely born by the property owner or builder. Local governments must pay a share, recognizing that the improvements needed for development will benefit the public at large; growth has community benefits, and growth should be reasonably accommodated.

The impact fee ordinance was adopted in 2007 with a 25 percent discount. In 2011, the City Council raised the discount to 50 percent for a three-year period to encourage development in the Town Center.

“While development has occurred in the Town Center since the initial adoption of the current ordinance enacting the 50 percent discount, attracting additional development to the city’s Town Center and in other target areas of the city continues to be challenging,” said Community and Economic Development Director Steve Osguthorpe.

The City Council also unanimously passed a Police Command Staff Salary Adjustment Ordinance. Recent Collective Bargaining Agreements addressed wage compression discrepancies between line-level personnel and first line supervisors due to the fact that a newly promoted sergeant would make less than a top step officer under their supervision. City staff stated that the adjustment of salary bands for command level personnel in the police department to be consistent with City policy. These adjustments of command staff salary bands will be retroactive and effective Aug. 1, 2014.

City Councilmember Shaun Richards was excused from Tuesday’s meeting.


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