City Council Candidate Highlight: Seaun Richards, Position 7

Over the next several days we will be highlighting the Mountlake Terrace City Council candidates.

Today we are highlighting Seaun Richards, who is running for City Council Position 7 against Kim Michel and incumbent John Zambrano.

Here is what Seaun wants you to know about him:

With sleeves rolled up, I look forward to the challenges of running for office and the bigger challenge of representing the citizens of Mountlake Terrace.

As a 25 year veteran businessperson with hands on business development, jobs creator and neighborhood advocate, I will work with the council’s lead of aggressive budgeting, protecting neighborhoods, and support and participate in the revitalization of the downtown corridor, and bring in new businesses to help increase the tax base.

My wife LaRae and I own Red Onion Restaurant. Our ideas are sweeping the nation by creating local jobs, spending shopping dollars locally, and creating neighborhood events.

With the help of volunteers and local neighborhoods, I am able to host MLT Easter Egg Hunt, MLT Trunk R Treat and SHOP with a Cop.

I am on the Board of Directors of CheeseburgerBabies Foundation and Tour de Terrace.

I am a member of Mountlake Terrace Business Association and South Snohomish County Chamber of Commerce.

The Seaun Richards Campaign Team includes an endorsement of Mountlake Terrace Mayor Jerry Smith. I will keep the citizens of Mountlake Terrace informed and ask for feedback through the help of social media. Like Seaun Richards on facebook.

  1. I would like to know what education Seaun Richards has.  Can the post this quesiton to him?

    1. And Zambrano is running why? It can’t be to serve the citizens of MLT because we all know that he serves himself first, his wife second, his kids and grandkids third and then we finally get to city business, that is if there is anything leftover for the .

      1. Strong Zambrano supporter. Just what planet are you from? Zambrano has his priorities right in service to his family and to the citizens of MLT. That’s the way it should be first and foremost. He’s also put his life on the line for this country with several tours of duty in Vietnam. His leadership and qualifications are hands down leagues above the council member wannabe Richards. He’s barely lived in the city a year, doesn’t appear to be very capable of keeping a business open with former restaurants such as Richards and 5th Avenue Grill, both of Edmonds and somehow you think he would make good financial decisions for the residents of Mountlake Terrace? I don’t think so. It’s not worth the risk. I’ll go with an individual that makes sound financial decisions, asks the tough questions and acts in the best interests of all of the citizens of MLT and that’s John Zambrano!

        1. 1digger you are spot on ! 
          It is refreshing to see a knowledgeable post such as yours.

          This is a VERY important position this election, I hope all voters do their research and get out and vote !

          Vote to re-elect our Councilman John Zambrano !!!

  2. I have one of many questions for Mr. Richards or aka Richard V. Foos, via the search results of  Why did you have to change your name back in 2005? Could it be that you are trying to hide your not so clean past from us citizens of MLT? If you truely care you will answer and not your one and only fan Mark Hopkins.

    1. Who cares! He changed his name in the 80’s. My kids have both changed their names and the only thing they were avoiding was their biological father. In my encounters with Mr. Richards and his wife I have seen kind and caring individuals who helped me out without my asking.

  3. Campaigns for political office can be frustrating.  We, the prospective employers, are asked to put our trust in a candidate, often with very sketchy and misleading information about them.  The obvious partisan politics of the media only makes the need for political discussion via campaign pamphlets and citizen flyers, the only viable means of bringing the issues to the voters.  This has been a feature of political campaigning since the Revolutionary War.  And many (anonymous) political flyers served the greater good by exposing issues that had been  hidden from the public.  The anonymity of the flyer’s author was often necessary to protect them from physical assault by goons of the opposition.  Free and open political discussion is the purest exercise of our First Amendment Rights, that we fought for and have struggled ever since to protect.  

    How exactly is exposure to a political flyer a “horrible” experience?  What is “dirty” about publicly calling into question legitimate issues of character and experience, which the media refuses to raise for an open discussion?  Politics is not a game for children, but a contest for responsible adults.  In Seaun Richard’s case, there are questions of a recent bankruptcy, failed businesses, numerous court proceedings, a conviction for interfering with a police officer (and a name change?).  Someone passed out an (anonymous) political flyer, calling into question Seaun’s limitations as a suitable candidate, and his camp has tried to  blame John Zambrano.  Apparently Seaun cannot be relied on to talk about these issues openly; but why are the only media reports focused on the manner of raising these issues (and the prissy loathing of political hacks) but nothing about the issues raised?  In the case of this “Seaun” flyer, what statement was untrue?  Why is there no credible refutation of the claims it makes?  

    The only discussion of these concerns offered by Seaun‘s camp, is an off-topic anecdote, that a “neighbor” of John’s saw some people gather at John’s house, and assumed the group was to pass out this flyer (did they ask anyone? – did they see the material? – how reliable an informer are they?  Why don‘t the reporters ask these questions?)  This “neighbor”, on seeing folks that  looked Hispanic, then cynically claimed that John was using “illegal immigrants” to help his campaign!  Even if there were Hispanics, was it justifiable to assume they were “illegals”?  How could they tell?  Did they check IDs?  Green Cards?  Not even the police will do that…(by the way, the suggestion that the Feds might “look into this” is laughable, since they are bending over backwards to extend most illegals quasi-citizenship, with benefits!)  By not distancing himself from this race baiting, isn’t Seaun using it to manipulate racial prejudices?  Is he so desperate for political advantage, that he is willing to malign John’s Mexican-American heritage?
    We do not need good-time, glad-handing pals of the back-scratching political elite, on the MLT city council.  In this time of economic distress, who is needed in public office are those who have demonstrated a disciplined approach to fiscal restraint and a commitment to open, transparent decision making.  

    1. Here, here! I only wish the local journalists had bothered to
      provide the public with answers to these questions before a concerned citizen
      had to bring attention to some very serious qualification deficits of Mr.
      Richards for office. His silence as to the flyer’s claims is deafening.

      In regards to Cheryal Heppner-Carson’s statements on MLTnews’ Facebook page
      to Lodge’s post and making light of the flyer on Richards;
      talk about lame and lamer. What do we do now put aside the
      flyer’s claims and have a group hug? That doesn’t bring us any closer to answers
      the citizens, i.e. the taxpayers, ought to know about a candidate for office
      that will make financial decisions, affecting them, with their money. It’s
      called vetting out your candidate, no matter who it is. The only way the claims
      could be construed as a “smear” is if they’re false, otherwise it’s the public’s
      right to know and if there were journalists worth their salt, they would be
      either investigating the claims or have provided a clear vetting of the
      candidates before this flyer was made available. They did not. Clearly to this
      point, the flyer’s claims have not been disproved and all of the goody two shoes
      comments supporting Mr. Richards’ are just window dressings to cover up for the
      bigger issues; his lack of qualifications, suspect financial capabilities having
      a recent bankruptcy that allows others, his creditors and general public to foot
      the bill for this failure. We have a candidate that filed for bankruptcy in
      2009, moved to MLT in 2010 to buy a home and open a business and now wants the
      citizens to give him their trust to make decisions with their money? Not a
      chance! It must be nice to place the burdens on others and take the limelight
      for their own instead of taking responsibility for their actions. There may be
      two candidates in the running for this position but only one is qualified and
      has done the business of the people by putting them first and foremost and
      that’s clearly, Mr. Zambrano.

  4. I see a lot of mean spirited comments posted here. Instead of placing all your energy on being snarky why don’t you get out and do something constructive for your community? And if you are so passionate about your cause post your real name.  Now,  go vote, serve your community and settle down. May the best person win.

    1. Snarky? Wanting to know the truth about a candidate? By asking the tough questions the journalists are unwilling to do ‘IS’ doing something constructive for the community for if we can get the answers to the unanswered questions we really can elect the best person. Elected officials need to be held to a higher standard; not less. To bury ones head in the sand and hope for hopes sake is foolishness and you can end up electing
      someone who has no business making financial decisions for the city. You end up getting what you deserve, not getting what you want. So who is vetting the candidates? It’s certainly not the journalist community.

      It’s clear in my own research of Mr. Zambrano that he’s a longtime MLT resident, a veteran, serves his community as council member, puts the community first in promoting fiscal responsibility, transparency and sound judgment; holding the government accountable for it’s actions.

      Mr. Richards on the other hand, states he’s owner of the Red Onion restaurant, while I’ve only found that on the BBB with his B- rating. There was no information found on the WA
      DOL, DOR, L&I or Sec. of State sites. Yet the most information available came from his 13 appearances in King & Sno. Co. courts, a bankruptcy, name changed in 1988. So here we have a candidate for office with more questions and concerns as to their character and qualifications to handle an important position on the council. None of this lends confidence in his candidacy; whereas confidence is high in supporting the
      reelection of the current office holder, and the best person for the council position, John Zambrano.

      1. Mr. 1digger, may I call you that? I assume it’s Mr. if not I appologize.

        Wanting to know the truth is not snarky, it’s being informed.  By snarky, I mean such prime quotes as ‘I think this guy is running only to sell more hambergers!’ or this one ‘The obvious partisan politics of the media only makes the need for political discussion via campaign pamphlets and citizen flyers, the only viable means of bringing the issues to the voters.  This has been a feature of political campaigning since the Revolutionary War.  And many (anonymous) political flyers served the greater good by exposing issues that had been  hidden from the public.  The anonymity of the flyer’s author was often necessary to protect them from physical assault by goons of the opposition.’ I see verbal assults here not mature people actually discussing the issues in  a mature fashion. Name changes and bankruptcy do not make people bad.  Life is a learning experience.

        Now, once again, go do something for your community, help a veteran, work at a food bank, help the kids or the elderly. Settle down and go vote.

  5. Yes, Michelle_V life is a lesson and it was shown the other day on 10-07-11 that Seaun Richards has still not learned from it yet.  Incident Report Mountlake Terrace Police Dept.

    1. Post the report–let everyone see Margaret.  BTW–thank you for using your name.  It’s nice to meet you–even if it’s only virtually. 

      And Mr. 1 digger–This is why Red Onion got a B-

      Reason for RatingBBB rating is based on 16 factors. Get the details about the factors considered.Factors that lowered Red Onion Burgers & BBQ’s rating include:One complaint filed against business that was not resolved.
      BBB does not have sufficient information to determine how long this business has been operating.
      BBB does not have sufficient background information on this business.
      Factors that raised Red Onion Burgers & BBQ’s rating include: Complaint volume filed with BBB for business of this size.Response to 1 complaint(s) filed against business.

      Customer Complaints SummaryRead complaint details1 complaint closed with BBB in last 3 years | 0 closed in last 12 monthsComplaint TypeTotal Closed ComplaintsProblems with Product / Service1Advertising / Sales Issues0Billing / Collection Issues0Delivery Issues0Guarantee / Warranty Issues0Total Closed Complaints

      Post your facts please not just that the establishment received a B-.  As we can see there were many factors considered.


      1. I have always used my full name and would hope that more people would do the same.  I have nothing to hide.   I cannot post the report but you can go get a copy just like I did at the police department in MLT.  Its public record!

        1. Margaret, if you could satisfy the curiosity of someone at work, since it can’t be posted any chance you could tell us what happened in the report? 

          1. WSU Tony–I had a bit of time at the end of my day so I stopped by the MLT police department.  I asked and there were no instances on 10-7-11.  It was indicated that there was one for 10-9-11 for posting a sign.  I didn’t get paperwork because for that it seemed like the waste of a tree.

          2. WSU Tony and Michelle_V ….There is a Mountlake Terrace Incident Report up at the Mountlake Terrace Police Dept. Date Occured 10-7-2011, Report filed on 10-09-2011  By Officer MacKenzie Case # 11-2933.  What you choose to do with this information is up to you!

      2. Facts were posted; you chose to ignore them. Aside from the BBB rating you conveniently ignored the rest of my post. There was no information found on the WA
        DOL, DOR, L&I or Sec. of
        State sites regarding Mr. Richards OWNERSHIP or affiliation with Red Onion. Somebody must own it. Yet the most information available on his past came from his 13
        appearances in King & Sno. Co. courts, a bankruptcy, name changed in
        1988. Additionally 9 of those appearances were as a ‘Defendant’. Frankly, I’d rather find my candidates information on business or community sites, not in the court of law.

        I would suggest instead of trying to divert attention away from your
        obvious choice in candidate, it would be to realize the mistake it would
        be for the citizens of MLT were he to be elected. Do some further
        research on the charges in the flyer. You may not like what you find.

        You ask that I do something for my community; I AM, it’s trying to inform the public about an individual, Mr. Richards, who is anything but qualified for the council position. Furthermore, I AM helping a veteran and his name is John Zambrano, Candidate for City Council Position 7. You should do the same.

        1. Mr. 1digger–have you ever owned a resturant or a business? Resturants are not an easy business to be in- 1 in 3 fail within the first 3 years.  It’s a very rewarding business which lots of people go back to. And being a defendent in a case like this means you or your coporation had debts against you.  

           Name change??  Who cares?  Many people change their name for many different reasons.  A name change does not make a bad person.

          The other areas you looked could be due to articles of incorportation.

          You are doing nothing here except trying to ruin a man and his family.  Go do something more constructive with yourself.  

          1.   Hello Michelle,

            Have you ever been the innocent victim of someone declaring bankruptcy ? I personally know people who have, and I would like you to stand in front of them and listen to what it did to them and their family. You speak of trying to ruin a man and his family, this is not about trying to ruin anyone, this is about protecting the citizens of MLT by informing the voters so they make an informed decision.
            This council position requires someone who will make sound fiscal decisions for the citizens of MLT, I do not believe that somone that made decisions leading to a recent bankruptcy is ready to make sound fiscal decisions for the citizens MLT (they might be ready in the future) so let’s not RISK it now.

            You say who cares about the name change, I will say that also IF and only IF it is proven that it was NOT done to hide something and BETTER his reputation/position.

            Now about your statement from a previous post regarding everyone should post their real name, if you want to have some level of security in the virtual world that is the internet (you do not post personal information).

            Now if you want to take this to the personal level and debate these issues face to face then lets set a date, I am going to go out on a limb here though and say that you would not do that.                  And what’s the reason…..wait for it……SECURITY !!! 

            As for the coming election, let’s take the SECURE route !

            Vote for our Councilman John Zambrano !!!


          2. Yes, because we all know Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, William McKinley, Ulysses S. Grant and Henry Ford were horrible leaders because they had debts they couldn’t pay…

            Oh, and Bill Clinton (born William Jefferson Blythe), and Gerald Ford (born Leslie Lynch King Jr), Nelson Mandela (born Leslie Lynch King Jr), Gary Hart (born Gary Hartpence), and Spiro Agnew (born

            Spiro Theodore Anagnostopoulos) and Ulysses
            S Grant (born Hiram Ulysses Grant) should never have lead anyone in anything because they changed their name.

            Shame on them!

          3. As a fellow business owner Mr. Hopkins, having someone file bankruptcy on their debt, they signed their name to after you have paid wages, bought their parts, and paid employee’s taxes just to fix their piece of equipment is not something I want to go through everyday.  It’s taking money from my children and our household in order to allow the person filing bankruptcy relief.  How in anyway is that fair to us or our customers?  We then have to pass that loss onto our paying customers in the percentage of markup we charge on parts and labor.  It is a vicious cycle because someone thinks they have the right to default on their debt.  We cannot go into Mr. Richards restauraunt and eat without paying.  We would be arrested!   Mr. Richards past business practices are a prime example of why he should not be elected to Mountlake Terrace City Council! 

          4.   Hello Mark,

            I am all for giving Richards a second chance when it is due, a second chance is due AFTER establishing a track record that reflects sound responsible fiscal decisions.

            Our Councilman John Zambrano has a track record that reflects sound responsible fiscal decisions, that is why I stated he is the SECURE route to take in the coming election.

            Thank you for the interesting information though, I would never have known that Gerald Ford was related to Nelson Mandela unless you had told me ! 

          5. Michelle_V, why are you making excuses for Mr. Richards
            instead of analyzing the actions he’s taken and for the still unanswered questions on the table? You attack me but I’m not a candidate for office. You make light of his actions, in particular his suspect financial decisions that are very revealing as to how he would vote if he were on the council. If he has so little concern for the usage of other people’s money that led to his filing for bankruptcy not two years ago, just how do you think he would vote using your money?

            For a moment, think of yourself as one of the creditors that
            he was able to basically receive a ‘get out of jail free card’ by filing for bankruptcy. You have to deal with that revenue shortfall and still have to pay your bills while he goes on to buy a home and open a new business, ostensibly using other peoples money and now he wants you to reward him by electing him to a position
            that will determine the cities financial future with your money. It makes no sense! To make an informed decision, you need to think about the ramifications of what this person has done that would have a profound effect upon their decision making. We cannot afford such decision makers that are so cavalier
            with other people’s money. They need to be accountable and if they cannot display the fiscal responsibility they should on the home front, they should not be allowed to move into a position of even greater responsibility.

            My efforts and others taking on Mr. Richards record is very
            constructive. None of the unanswered questions or issues related to Mr. Richards is an attempt to ruin him or his family; I’m just attempting to keep him from ruining Mountlake Terrace. It’s designed to wake the citizenry up, including you as to the questionable character and qualities that have left the public with more questions than answers about his actions and have truly made it clear that he is not qualified for the council position.

            You need to realize we have too much at stake here and you’re unfortunately playing the part of one who cares little about facts and cares more about defending the individuals desire to not answer the questions. Frankly that’s a dangerous precedent; not one based in rational thinking and reveals your intent on not vetting out your candidate.

            Go ahead and let him handle your personal financial matters,
            I just don’t want him to affect my own or the citizenry of MLT.

            My business affiliations were available on the State websites as they should be for Mr. Richards but they’re not, at least for Red
            Onion. This leads me to believe he isn’t the owner but rather just the manager and yet if he can justify such a claim, shouldn’t it be available to the public?

            If you were of an inquiring mind Michelle_V, you would want
            to know the answers to these questions too and not go blindly following Mr. Richards.

            I’m re-posting a Facebook challenge to Mr. Richards by Margaret C. Loiseau  – “Mr. Richards, As time draws near to the ballots being dropped in the mail we have yet to hear from you on some valid questions as voters in Mountlake Terrace. Once again we will ask and see if you respond to any of them.

            1. Why did you change your name?
            2. Are you the owner or just the manager of the Red Onion? The paperwork you turned into the PDC states that you are the manager.
            3. What was the reasons behind your filing bankruptcy in 2009?
            4. What if anything do you have to say to your creditors and their families you choose not to pay?
            5. Why were you charged with obstructing a police officer on 11-18-2009
            6. Why do you keep deceiving the residents of Mountlake Terrace with the “Endorsed by your Police” statement, when in fact you are not endorsed by the Mountlake Terrace Police Department?
            7. Where is the paperwork showing you have truly been endorsed by any police group?
            8. What do you know about the ” Main Street Project” for Mountlake Terrace?”

            See Michelle_V, there’s none of this kind of baggage that is following the only proven, qualified and trustworthy candidate for this council position in John Zambrano; hence my unwavering support for his re-election; you and the other citizens of MLT should do the same.

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