City Council approves a code amendment for wireless facilities

The equipment that will be relocated. (Photo by Doug Petrowski)

After a public hearing at their Sept. 4 meeting, the Mountlake Terrace City Council adopted a zoning code text amendment ordinance that will allow the city to relocate wireless communication providers currently located on the top of one of MLT’s three water towers to a monopole of about the same height — 195 feet — as an existing emergency radio services facility.

The city’s water towers and the regional emergency services monopole are located near Jack Long Park on property owned by Mountlake Terrace and zoned for public facilities and services. Two wireless service providers have antennas mounted on top of the 135-foot water tower. The antennas need to be removed from the water tower so it can be painted and to provide additional security for maintaining the city’s water service.

The existing wireless communication equipment could be installed on a new monopole nearby and continue to provide coverage. An additional service provider could also be accommodated.

The text amendment would allow wireless communication facilities in the Public Facilities and Services (PFS) zone to a maximum height of 200 feet. PFS-zoned property in the city includes the area at the south end of Jack Long Park, the Transit Center area, the Civic Center area and the site of former Fire Station 18.

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