City celebrates exceptional properties during 2017 Evergreen Awards ceremony


    The City of Mountlake Terrace honored exceptional property owners on Wednesday during the annual Evergreen Awards Ceremony.

    The Evergreen Awards began in 2009 and were inspired by Everett’s Monte Cristo Awards, recognizing well-kept properties in town and the owners that maintain them. Residents of Mountlake Terrace can nominate properties for these awards through the steps listed on the city’s website.

    This year, 25 property owners from within six Mountlake Terrace neighborhoods were honored. All properties are well-kept and tidy. Some have creative additions, like sculptures, lights and paved pathways. Others have a variety of seasonal flowers, adding pops of color around the property.

    City spokeswoman Virginia Olson described one property as “an example of pride in ownership and how to create a little bit of heaven in your own backyard,” which describes the spirit of the Evergreen Awards.

    Several property owners told Olson that they love living in Mountlake Terrace because of the small-community feel and the kindness of their neighbors.

    “It’s a common theme,” Olson said.

    Awards are given in five categories: Best Maintained Residence, Best Maintained Business, Best Maintained Multifamily Property, Transformation Award and Sustainability Award. The city’s neighborhoods are: Melody Hill, Cascade View, Town Center, Cedar Terrace, Lake Ballinger and Gateway.

    The full list of 2017’s winners is below.

    Cedar Terrace Neighborhood
    Dan and Jackie Henry
    Bernie and Beverly Koops
    Scott and Jennifer Matsuda

    Gateway Neighborhood
    Doug and Gail Cuttrell
    Jerry and Pat Hillis
    Landsverk Quality Homes — Mallory Building
    AXIS Pharmacy Northwest

    Lake Ballinger Neighborhood
    Mike and Debbie Cramer
    Michael Delury and Roy Vermillion
    MLT Community Senior Center
    Amber McAlpin and Jakob Vetter

    Melody Hill Neighborhood
    Mira Miteva and Ivo Jeliazkov
    Arnie and Vicki Meldahl
    Three Holy Hierarchs Church
    HomeStreet Bank
    Pacific Power Batteries

    Cascade View Neighborhood
    Joe and Jessie Sullivan
    Leland and Esmenia “Ming” Schmidt
    Jarnail and Paramjit Kaller
    Sonata Homes LP — Atworth Commons

    Town Center Neighborhood
    Kris Lundborg
    Erik and Danielle Wallgren
    Sonny and Dori Ayala
    Chip Tilley, Windermere, with Armada Design and Build
    Anh Huynh and Thuan Nguyen

    –Story and photos by Natalie Covate


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