City of Mountlake Terrace: Keep your dogs on a leash or face a fine

City code requires dogs to be on a leash.

Starting Aug. 1, the City of Mountlake Terrace is launching an emphasis on educating citizens about the city’s leash laws, and citing offenders.

“The city would like to remind community members and visitors that it is a civil violation for the owner or person having charge, care, custody or control of any animal, with the exception of domestic, licensed cats, to allow such animal to run at large,” the city said in an announcement Monday.

The city’s decision to step up efforts related to the city’s leash laws — MTMC 6.30.100 in the Animal Control and Care Chapter — responds to citizen concerns raised at the July 15 Mountlake Terrace City Council meeting.

The police department, parks department and city manager’s office met to discuss the issue of dogs running at large after residents expressed safety concerns about dogs approaching people as well as their leashed pets and asked for information about reporting these incidents as well as city enforcement.

The only area where dogs are allowed to run at large is the city’s Off-Leash Dog Park located at 5303 228th St. S.W., just north of the Recreation Pavilion. This area is open daily from dawn until dusk unless otherwise posted.

If you witness off-leash dogs, call 9-1-1 to report if the situation is an emergency. Otherwise, call the non-emergency number at 425-407-3999 for general reporting.

Failure to leash animals as required by city code is a civil offense and offenders may be fined $200 per dog. The fourth violation becomes a misdemeanor offense. In addition to leashing your pets, the city reminds residents and visitors to Mountlake Terrace to pick up pet waste so it does not end up in local streams.

If you have questions, contact Animal Control Officer Elena McKee at 425-744-6256 or


  1. Double WOW..
    I am very impressed our City officials responded and acted so quickly.
    I raised this concern only 2 weeks ago at the July 15th Council meeting.
    Tells me my Council not only hears, but listens then put the wheels in motion to rectify a problem.
    Well done with my thanks
    Good on y’all.
    Ms. Mickey Svhwald

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