Last Chance to Take Transit Survey


This week is the last opportunity for residents to participate in a brief survey that will help the City of Mountlake Terrace create a Preferred Transit Strategy.

The survey aims to find out what non-bus riders see as obstacles to riding transit and how bus-riders think the transit system could be improved.

The survey can be taken online at A paper version can be obtained at the interim City Hall or by calling (425) 744-6266.

Responses will help Mountlake Terrace build a vision for ensuring that transit service works for as many residents as possible over the next 2 to 15 years. Although other agencies operate the transit, our city can provide important input on future needs.

A Preferred Transit Strategy will be drafted this fall and information coordinated with the three transit agencies that serve Mountlake Terrace.

With a good strategy, the City can more easily accomplish community goals for reducing pollution, creating more transportation choices, and encouraging economic development in key areas.

The Preferred Transit Strategy is due for City Council consideration in early December.


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