Catch it before it’s gone: Nearby Driftwood Players present Gutenberg! The Musical! this weekend only

You need to see Gutenberg! The Musical! this weekend. Why? Because it promises to be hilarious, and it runs through this weekend only, so don’t delay.

Just when you thought you’d heard of the most improbable plot for musical, another one comes along.

Imagine a couple of young playwrights excited about the musical they’ve created. Who wouldn’t be stoked about a storyline that follows the life of movable type inventor Johann Gutenberg? They’ve got plenty of enthusiasm, but almost no money.

Actors Coulson Bingham and Ryan Floresca wear many hats in this production. Literally. I mean, they actually wear the hat of the 25 or so characters they portray as they pitch their idea to potential investors. This isn’t a remake of The Directors. These characters have drunk the Kool-aid — Gutenberg! just can’t miss — if only they can convince the investors.

With the help of music accompaniment from Mike Corey (keyboards) and Bennet Blake (guitar), the cast of two does it all.

I love productions like this. They’re driven almost entirely by the purest acting. As director Shileah Corey put it:

“A few props, and a cardboard box — the way Gutenberg! The Musical was intended. Remember, these characters are broke!”

I asked Corey for the elevator speech she would use to promote this play. “Well, it’s a fun romp, very well written, it’s so great to see a couple of guys playing so many characters. There’s rapid fire dialogue. It’s a blast. Sort of an equal opportunity offender. There’s no swearing really, but it’s probably more appropriate for teens and up. I’d tell my friend — it’s worth it!”

“Because it’s a small cast, it’s been a group effort with opportunities to improvise a little bit, interpret a little, and add some physical comedy. In fact, we were still experimenting at rehearsal last night. We’ve kept what works and gotten rid of what doesn’t.”

Sounds like a play worth seeing to me. See you there!

Edmonds Driftwood Players Present:
Gutenberg! The Musical

Friday — Sunday, May 18, 19 and 20

Fri — Sat — 8 p.m.
Sun — 2 p.m.

Directed by Shileah Corey
Produced by Ted Jaquith

Wade James Theatre
950 Main St.

Order tickets here.

— By James Spangler

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