Car fire elicits fire department response (twice)


A 1997 BMW apparently was the culprit in to separate fire responses on Sunday night in south Lynnwood.

The female driver of the 1997 BMW said that, while driving, her car experienced a short in the dash lights so she pulled over in to the parking lot of Headrush Coffee at 212th St SW and 44th Ave W on the border of Lynnwood/Mountlake Terrace. Smoke began to fill the passenger compartment and the car soon erupted in to flames. When the Lynnwood Fire Department arrived they found the passenger compartment full involved. Firefighters used water in the truck tanks to extinguish the fire.

The car must have then been towed to a vehicle storage lot in the 20600 block of 48th Ave W in Lynnwood. Later in the evening Lynnwood firefighters responded to a call at the storage lot about a car smoking. The battery of the car, apparently the same 1997 BMW, had begun to smoke. Fire fighters disconnected the battery.


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