Candidates discuss issues at the Black Box Theater

Legislative candidate's in the 21st and 1st Legislative District participated in the Civic Engagement Candidate's Forum at the Black Box Theater in Edmonds Wednesday Night. The event was sponsored by MLTnews, My Edmonds News and Lynnwood Today.


  1. Only one candidate expressed a different view than the standard fare we have been hearing from Olympia for the past 8 years. Olympia spends and taxes us and where has that gotten us? We are so far in the hole it will take years to get out. The ONLY way to get out, is to bring jobs back to Washington, get rid of the unfriendly business environment we have created, and STOP SPENDING MONEY WE DON’T HAVE!

    Elizabeth Scott understands these issues and has the backbone to just say NO to more spending and more taxes. We need her in Olympia, along with others of a like mind.

    We have 90% incumbents in Olympia and a Govenor who doesn’t know how to stop spending money. They spend it as if it’s their own. It’s our money, men and women. We need Representatives who recognize that and who will steward it with respect to OUR wishes and not their own.




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