Business Spotlight: Pet Adventure


If you do any shopping in Cedar Plaza you probably have noticed that the large space in the northeast corner is finally occupied after being empty for a couple of years since it was a liquor store. Pet Adventure made the short move from a smaller Cedar Plaza location in December so that they could provide a one stop shop for pet owners.

Pet Adventure started back in August 2010 when Keith Sternberg purchased the store then called “Pets Energy.” Pets Energy had been located in Cedar Plaza since 2003. Pet Adventure quickly outgrew the old space as Keith wanted a store that could fill all the needs of a pet owner, not just a quick stop for food and treats. The old space was just too small to have a well rounded pet store.

I asked Keith what he though best distinguished Pet Adventure from the big box chain stores. Keith said that Pet Adventure carries higher quality foods and supplies that generally aren’t found in the chain stores. Being locally owned and operated they can be extremely responsive to their customers by stocking items that they request.

Keith also adds that Cedar Plaza is a great shopping center, is extremely well cared for and that MLT is a great location since it is centrally located and community orientated.

Pet Adventure carries food and supplies for cats, dogs, small animals, birds and fish.

Pet Adventure
22803 44th Ave West E-5


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