Brier-Terrace Students Bring Home Awards from WTSA State Competition

Left to Right: Teacher James Sullivan, Brandon Nakata, Celina Hipolito, Ryan Waldrop, Jeremiah Leben (back), Jonah Newhouse, Joey Owens, Kyle Barnett, Haeley Johnston, Tyler Alsterberg-King, Brandon Park, Retired BTMS Counselor Mike Larson, Logan Hopkins, Retired BTMS Teacher Bruce Harris and Teacher Todd Johnston pose with their awards.

At the 28th annual Washington Student Technology Association (WTSA) state competition held March 24-26, the 14 Brier Terrace Middle School students who competed brought home six first-place awards and 14 top-five finishes. The competition covered 52 events and included 330 students from more than 30 schools. In addition to a strong finish in the CO2 car contest, with students taking four of the top five spots, these skilled students also finished in the top five in every event the team entered.

Congratulations to all of the students and a special thank you to the chaperones who volunteered their time.

Individual results include:

CO2 Dragters:
1st: Brandon Nakata
2nd: Brandon Park
3rd: Ryan Waldrop
4th: Haeley Johnston

Career Prep:
1st: Jonah Newhouse
3rd: Haeley Johnston

Digital Photography:
2nd: Celina Hipolito
5th: Joey Owens

Electronic Gaming:
1st: Sean Moore, Brandon Park, and Tyler Alsterberg-King
4th: Brandon Nakata and Kyle Barnett

Engineering Structures:
1st: Brandon Nakata and Kyle Barnett
3rd: Megan Slaughterbeck and Celina Hipolito
5th: Logan Hopkins and Sean Moore

Inventions and Innovations:
2nd: Sean Moore, Ryan Waldrop, and Joey Owens

Leadership Strategies:
2nd: Jonah Newhouse and Celina Hipolito
4th: Haeley Johnston, Megan Slaughterbeck, Joey Owens

Problem Solving:
1st: Sean Moore and Logan Hopkins
3rd: Haeley Johnston and Megan Slaughterbeck

Technology Bowl Written
1st: Jonah Newhouse
2nd: Sean Moore

Write Now, Technical Writing
2nd: Haeley Johnston

The photos attached are from the “engineering structure” event, where students are given 20 feet of balsa to construct a bridge. The first-place winning bridge, built by Brandon Nakata and Kyle Barnett, held 71 pounds. The students pictured are:

(Left) Megan Slaughterbeck and (right) Celina Hipolito
Joey Owens and Haeley Johnston
(Left) Kyle Barnett and (Right) Brandon Nakata



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