Brier Grocery sells second winning lottery ticket in a month

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Another lucky lottery winner hit the jackpot last week with a ticket purchased at Brier Grocery.

For the second time in a little over a month, Brier Grocery — located at 23607 Brier Road — has sold two winning Washington State Lottery tickets.

Last Wednesday, a winning Hit 5 lottery ticket worth $120,000 was sold from family-owned store. On July 3, a Brier woman and her husband were the winners of the Lottery’s $12.2 million jackpot. The Hit 5 winner has requested no publicity.

“You don’t hear about that often,” said Charlie Andrade, who works part-time at the store. “It’s pretty amazing.”

Andrade’s parents, Sunnie and Victor, purchased the market almost 40 years ago and the store has been selling lottery tickets for half of that time. Victor died on July 31 of last year. On the one-year anniversary of his death, Andrade said the store gave away free lottery tickets in his memory.

Brier Grocery received a 1% commission from the Hit 5 winnings — $1,200 — which Andrade said the family has reinvested in the money market.

Previously, the store had earned $122,000 from the $12.2 million ticket, but Andrade said the store does not have any definite plans for its share of the winnings. The family had recently discussed building a new house, and he also said a family vacation is not out of the question.

As Brier prepares for its SeaScare celebration on Wednesday, Andrade said the store is planning another giveaway that may include some of their lucky lottery tickets.

“We’ve got our fingers crossed for the trifecta,” he said. “We might do that again.”

— By Cody Sexton

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