Brier Elementary partners with Clothes for the Cause for Clothing Drive Fundraiser

Brier Elementary is partnering with Clothes for the Cause, a fundraising company that collects clothes in exchange for cash, for an event to raise money for the elementary school.

The school is accepting clothing and shoes of any kind, in any condition, from now to June 13. Following the clothing drive, Clothes for the Cause will pick up the donations and provide Brier Elementary with the total of their fundraising effort, measured in dollars per pound.

“We are thrilled to be able to help Brier Elementary with this worthy cause,” said Susan Hovey. “Clothes for the Cause makes it easy for everyone in our community to contribute by collecting things, free of charge that our friends, family and neighbors already have in their houses.”

Brier Elementary is collecting donations from now through June 13.. In addition to garments, Clothes for the Cause also accepts pairs of shoes, hats, gloves, towels, sheets, blankets, quilts, drapery, purses, belts, rugs and stuffed animals.

Through events, Clothes for the Cause gives community groups — churches, sports teams, school bands, and others — the opportunity to turn their friends and families’ unwanted clothes into cash, while promoting sustainability and charitable acts in their community. Instead of decaying in landfills, donated items are re-worn, reused or ethically recycled both in the United States and abroad, based on best use.

For more information on Clothes for the Cause, contact Liz Gordon at 425-239-6478 or online at:

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