Body found near sidewalk in Mountlake Terrace Sunday morning

Police load the body into a truck for transport to the Medical Examiner's Office.
Investigators examine the body after it was discovered Sunday morning.

Story and photos by Doug Petrowski

The body of an adult male was found Sunday morning in the 4000 block of 237th Place Southwest in Mountlake Terrace, less than 50 feet from heavily-traveled 44th Avenue West. Although no positive identification has been made yet, police believe it is of a homeless man who had been living in a tent encampment in the area.

A motorist called 911 Sunday at approximately 8:30 a.m. to report seeing the body just off the sidewalk. Police quickly arrived, cordoned off the block and notified the Snohomish County Medical Examiner. Upon arrival at the scene, a medical examiner investigator took pictures of the scene and the body, then loaded the body — with help from a Mountlake Terrace Police Department detective and CSI officer — into a vehicle for transport to the Medical Examiner’s office near Paine Field.

After the body was removed, the block was opened to traffic by 11 a.m.

Although 237th Place Southwest runs through a residential area, the body was found away from any homes, in an undeveloped greenbelt separates the residences from 44th Avenue West.

Local residents report at least one man has been living in the greenbelt, in a camping tent, for the past few months.



  1. I am genuinely sorry to hear this. I just spoke to Brian on Thursday while he was changing the points on a woman’s car as a favor. I remember when my cat passed he offered to help me bury him.
    He’s been in the area for at least 10 years. He did have a job, he was homeless, yes, he had issues and feared shelters. But his heart was kind.
    I did see the police activity and do wonder what all the guns were for though.

  2. His name is brien joesph rosenquist he is the father to my 29 year old husband Eric c.rosenquist he has 4 great kids we miss him butwould like I.formation on nything about hias death please

    1. I have some photos of his parents and/or grandparents Brien gave me for safekeeping. Would someone in the family like them?

  3. Brian was a very kind person. He came into my store one day and accidently picked up the wrong bottle. I thought he had stolen the bottle of booze. I was upset and could not wait to see him again. Several hours later to my dismay, Brian walks in and returns the bottle that he picked up by mistake. For those of you that knew Brian, knows he enjoyed his rum. Brian was homeless but he was not a thief. He was always looking for work and would offer to help anyone. I’m glad I got to know him. RIP Bro.

  4. It sounds like this gentleman was a very nice person. It’s sad to think no one in his life wouldn’t have given him free room and board, so he didn’t feel like he had to sleep in the woods. We saw him a couple of times on our street and wondered what his story was.

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