Bikini Baristas: Now Fully Clothed

What was formerly the drive-thru bikini barista coffee joint Blendz has a new name, a new color and a new image.

The coffee stand at 212th and 44th (technically in Lynnwood) has been known for having bikini baristas. That all changed recently when the location was sold. The place was sold in July but the new owner just recently had a new green paint job on the place, renamed it to ‘Headrush’ and changed up the barista uniform.

Headrush now touts itself as ‘family friendly’ and even gives out free cocoa to kids. They are even serving coffee from their MLT neighbors across the street, Urban City Coffee.

At an intersection that is crowded with coffee alternatives (Headrush, Urban City, Morning Shot, Starbucks in Albertson’s) it will be interesting to see what the change does for business. While some people will surely welcome the change, others may have frequented them because of what set them apart.

On this Friday morning, I went with Headrush and it was pretty good.

Have any thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

  1. Urban City Coffee Lounge is still the BEST around. Great group of friendly baristas and the owners are super.

  2. Bikinis are not “family friendly”? How do these people survive trips tto the beach or lake? Or do they put blindfolds on their children’s (and other “sensitive” people’s eyes?

    Nice to know some segment of America still thinks women are evil and will corrrupt people if not “decently” covered up.

    1. Yep, you’re right… and let’s KEEP it at the beach… I for one LOVE a good looking woman, but while getting a cup of coffee is NOT where I want to see the filled bikini. Playing vollyball on the beach, or roller-blading along Alki? Absolutely…. NOT while frothing my double mocha. The two don’t go together, and I don’t understand the connection. This is a good thing. Maybe Joe should get a girlfriend or something and quit relying on cheap thrills.

      Oh, sorry, maybe Jim would rather have banana hammock barrstos instead of baristas.

  3. Yay! This stand is the closest to me & have been sad not to be able to use it. I dont wanna look Bikini’s & I like to give tips to those who get dressed in the morning.

  4. This place is right by my house and I drive past it at least twice a day. The bikinis didn’t bother me at all. What bothered me was that they made the property look as terrible as possible. The pink writing on the windows made the place look fly-by-night and that’s before they put up the sign that had the name of the place written in black electrical tape. I kind of liked the pink paint but they trashed everything around it. The business gave the aura of being run by a girls high school DECA class taught and supervised by Britney Spears. If I was going to run a questionable business like bikini espresso I’d make an effort to de-sleaze it as much as possible.

    The place looks better now, I like the Seahawks colors and they’ll probably sell more coffee. But I still have beef with the name. Headrush Espresso sounds juvenille and has nothing to do with coffee. If you’re going that route I personally think Bonghit Espresso would sound better. Whatever. I’ll miss the bikinis.

  5. I dont understand how this is ok with the health codes? I worked at a normal coffee stand, and we were not even technically supposed to wear flip flops. I dont get it!

  6. There is a bikini coffee shop near the Navy base in Everett, I hear they will flash repeat customers… Probably why they get most of their business.

  7. This place is no longer “family freindly” and as long as those girls aren’t wearing pastys I have no problem getting a good cup of coffee in the morning. With or without clothes their barista’s have always been friendly. I don’t even mind bringing my children because they have never done anything inappropriate in the 2 years I’ve been visting them regularly. But they could do something about the bright green color.

  8. Friendly girls, awesome coffee, very classy and clean. With or without bikinis my experience has always been great! If wearing bikinis allows this business to survive than more power to them!!

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