Cowgirls Espresso now open in Mountlake Terrace


The coffee chain Cowgirls Espresso has opened a new location in Mountlake Terrace. The former Luscious Latte at the Northwest corner of 236th St SW and 56th Ave W is now Cowgirls Espresso, which is known for their unique barista uniforms.

Cowgirls Espresso, which has nearly 20 locations in the Puget Sound area, was one of the first coffee stands in the area to have baristas wear bikinis when they opened their first location in Tukwila in 2003. Sales took off, and other scantily-clad theme days soon followed. Some of the theme days are Military Monday, Cowgirls Tuesday, Bikini Wednesday, School Girl Thursday and Fantasy Friday.

The coffee chain has been featured on numerous shows such as the Travel Channel’s, Extreme Fast Food, Nightline, and CBS Sunday Morning.

The location at 56th/236th is a heavily traveled intersection as it is right off of the I-5 and just down the street from the Mountlake Terrace Transit Center. Construction on a new mixed-use building in the Southeast corner of the intersection is scheduled to begin in early 2011.

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  1. I will never spend any money @ Cowgirls because of the exploitive nature. Maria runs the cleanest shop and the best tasting coffee.

  2. We used to go to this stand all the time, but now there is no way! Try to explain THAT to a 4 year old!

    I also wonder how stands like this can get away with only hiring girls with a certain look. Sorry men and curvy women, so much for equal opporunity employers.

  3. A sexpresso stand one block from my house, on a street that I walk on regularly with my wife and young children?! This is personal.If you care too, here’s what you can do:1) Pray (If you are a religious person like me). I believe nothing is more powerful.2) Contact the MLT city council ([email protected]), and let them know that you expect them to do something. They may not personally care, and they may think that there is nothing they can do, but if you make it clear that you will be watching what they do and voting accordingly, they will at least listen. I have many of their personal email addresses. If you want them, contact me by email through gmail: jr.willett3) Contact the Snohomish county council ( Same idea.

  4. I am so proud of MLT citizens for not defending this disgusting business. If any women (especially mothers and wives) out there want to peacefully protest this oppression and degradation start making your tasteful signs now and look for a future post with information on when. Men: please fight against the government officials and business owners that support this. And please speak up if you know a patron of this sort of business. We DO NOT want this garbage in our backyards!

    • Agreed, these places make me sick. And for those defending it are the ones who go there, thats makes you extremly pathetic and creepy. Get a life i.e. a g/f, wife or if you cant than go to a strip club somewhere else and waste your money.

  5. I support these coffee stands and don’t go there. Simple solution if you don’t like these places then don’t go there, there are 40 other places within a 5 mile Radius you could go to. No body is forcing you to go there or for you to work there. The girls that work there knew what they signed up for and are over 18 which would make them legal adults to do whatever the wish to do. Oh and did I forget to mention that this company you are referring to is owned by a Seattle native woman not some creepy old Man trying to get a free show.

  6. I dont really know what the city council or county council is going to do for you in this situation. This stand differs from the nasty coffee stands that used to litter the everett area. The big difference is that these girls are actually fully clothed, wearing bikinis, but still fully clothed.


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