Big turnout for Seattle TKD presentation at MLT PD


Brandon Richards of Seattle Tae Kwon Do sends us a recap of Tuesday’s presentation at the Mountlake Terrace Police Department:

Wow, we had a HUGE showing and the Mountlake Terrace Police Advisory Board and Assistant Chief Caw were stunned with the public outcry of love and support. The entire Mountlake Terrace Police Station was filled beyond capacity with over 40 students with shirts and cards for the officers and well as about 50 parents and citizens that came as well. I am sorry we could not get any super group photos as there were just too many people and we had to have one child at a time come in single file to present their T-Shirt and card to Police Advisory Board Chairperson Christina O’Brien. I have attached a few photos that were taken, but it was in a small board room that was meant for about 10 people, but we had it filled to capacity and the waiting area of the Police Station was filled with proud parents and happy Mountlake Terrace citizens. I am just so proud of our students.



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