Australian travel writer stays with reader in Brier during U.S.A. tour

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Photo courtesy Tony James Slater’s website

Tony James Slater clearly likes to joke.

The travel writer from Perth, Australia has published four books, including The Bear that Ate My Pants and Don’t Need the Whole Dog.

Slater is currently on a U.S.A. tour. During the tour, he will stay with readers who offer him an extra bed.

“I get lots of emails from my readers — some of them are complimentary, and roughly half of them are threatening to punch me… for crimes against the English language,” Slater writes on his website. “But quite a few of them make offers, like, ‘If you’re ever in Boise, Idaho, come and stay with me!’ Now, people say that because they are reasonably sure I’m never actually going to be in Boise, Idaho. Until today!”

He will be staying with readers for most of the tour, which spans Los Angeles to New York in four months. One of those readers is Melissa Russell from Brier.

She said she first heard of Slater when one of his books was a free-download-of-the-day from Amazon. She has been hooked ever since.

“He’s really funny, just a relatable guy,” she said.

Russell said she likes reading his stories of traveling on a dime. He also explores areas less traveled, like touring a state police training center.

Slater will be staying with Russell for Saturday and Sunday nights, before he moves onto Spokane.

For more information about Slater’s U.S.A. tour, click here.

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