Athlete Highlights posters to showcase MTHS students around Terrace

Nancy Nguyen
Nancy Nguyen
Chris Mitalas
Chris Mitalas

Posters of Mountlake Terrace High School student athletes will begin appearing around town thanks to an effort of the school’s Sports Booster Club. The posters will be published monthly and displayed at participating businesses in Mountlake Terrace.

“Athlete Highlights will provide an opportunity for the coaches to select a member from their team to be honored,” said booster club chairperson Tara Zuehl.

The March Athlete Highlights spotlight Terrace seniors Nancy Nguyen and Chris Mitalas.

Nguyen is a four-year member of the tennis program at MTHS, three years as a captain of the girls’ team; she has also served as a team manager of the boys’ squad.

Tennis coach Alberto Ramirez had high praise for Nguyen: “Her dedication as a player and team member is above and beyond any girl who has played for me as a coach at Mountlake Terrace. She is a leader in every possible way and a good friend to everyone; always kind and respectful to coaches and players alike. She plays hard every minute that she spends on the court. She is a great example for other players to emulate.”

Mitalas, captain of this year’s Hawk boys soccer team, is a three-year varsity letterman in the program. He also earned a first-team All-Wesco honor for his play in 2012.

“Chris is leading our group well as we open the 2013 season,” Terrace boys soccer coach Gary Hunter said.
The MTHS Sports Booster Club meets the third Monday of each month, 7:00 p.m., at Mountlake Terrace High School.


  1. This should be followed up by students who have other academic or music achievements. It’s very unfortunate we only highlight the athletes. The City should demand this if the posters are mounted anywhere on City property.

    • I’m sure if the music booster club or the academic booster club would like to do the same thing it would be welcomed bye the same businesses. Keith

  2. Brett – it has to start somewhere. Would you be willing to step up and take the lead to honor other student achievements and programs as well? Great idea! We have so many fantastic students at MTHS and only a handful of volunteers to do provide this type of support.

    The Sports Booster Club welcomes any and all community involvement and I’m sure other programs would, too. The SBC was started just 3 years ago by a small group of parents/alumni to help bridge the budget gaps. One of our greatest accomplishments is that no student athlete has been turned away due to personal financial challenges. We’ve also helped provide additional transportation, equipment and uniforms for our teams.

    We would love to see more community involvement. The Music program does have a fantastic booster club, too. Check out the MTHS website for more info on all the groups.

  3. I think it is a great idea the sports booster thought of. It is too bad that some have to post comments before knowing all the facts. There are quite a few students at the school that high standard of academic achievement, in the music program and do 1 to 2 sports. They should do their homework before judging that athletes don’t achieve academic achievement because that is the way I read it as!


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