Article about housing for homeless veterans inspires quilt donations

    The 20 finished quilts on Weber’s fence prior to donation.

    Thanks to a committed group of quilters, the 20 homeless veterans now living at Lynnwood’s Sebastian Place will have a homemade quilt to call their own.

    MLTnews reported on the new facility for homeless veterans in this June 24, 2016 article. The 20-unit apartment building was spearheaded by the Snohomish County Human Services Department, and will be operated by Catholic Community Services and sister agency Catholic Housing Services.

    One of those who read the article was Chelsey Weber, an employee of Quilting Mayhem in Snohomish. According to Weber’s friend, Laura Wood, Weber “is most passionate about providing quilts to wounded soldiers or soldiers who struggle with other issues related to their service to our country. Through the shop, Weber has created a committee of other quilters, myself include, who make quilts for those individuals. And often, she is the one contributing her time and supplies to finish and mail the quilts.”

    The completed Sebastian Place. (Photo by Natalie Covate)
    The completed Sebastian Place. You can see more photos here. (Photo by Natalie Covate)

    When Weber saw the June 24 article, she “immediately contacted not only her committee but several other patrons of the shop, to enlist their help in providing quilts for each of the 20 veterans who are already living at Sebastian Place,” Wood said. “With her tireless, passionate leadership, the group finished all 20 quilts in less than a month.”

    Weber herself made at least half of the quilts, providing the needed materials “at great personal expense,” Wood said.

    Weber will be delivering all 20 quilts Sept. 6 to the donation drop-off location and they will later be presented to the veterans living in Sebastian Place, Wood said.

    While Weber does not like to draw attention to herself, Wood said her fellow quilters wanted to acknowledge her by sharing “a very heartwarming story about one little group’s way of helping others in need.”


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