Archery shop moves across town


You may have recently noticed the empty spot next to Yen Ching restaurant on 232nd St SW in the Town Center neighborhood. Fortunately, Mountlake Terrace hasn’t lost a business. The Nock Point archery shop has just moved across town to the Melody Hill neighborhood, in the Quick n’ Bright building.

The Nock Point archery shop has been around for 23 years. the Nock Point is partnered with Next Step Archery, who offers lessons to everyone from beginners to pro archers.

What remains in the development is Prime Pizza, Queen’s Cleaners, Yen Ching, the Post Office and, of course, Double D’s. Calvary Fellowship also uses some of the space for church activities.

According to the Town Center Plan, the block between 232nd/234th and 56th/58th will be the neighborhood’s “superblock”, allowing buildings up to 7 stories tall. It will be interesting to see if any of the empty storefronts, like the archery shop’s former location, will be utilized knowing that the buildings will likely be demolished to make way for larger development in the future.

Update 1/20/10:
Several people have asked where C&M Trophy went, who was next door to the archery shop. They actually moved in to Quick N Bright building as well.



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