Air quality conditions expected to fluctuate Sunday with air flows from the west

Air quality map key: Green is good, yellow is moderate, orange is unsafe for sensitive groups, red is unhealthy and purple is very unhealthy. (Air quality map courtesy Air Now)

Air quality in southern Snohomish County fluctuated between “unhealthy for sensitive groups” and “moderate” on Saturday, as wind pushed smoke into the area from fires burning in the Olympics and Vancouver Island.

According to the evening forecast from the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, air quality levels may improve in some areas slightly overnight, but an air current over the Straight of Juan de Fuca could also bring in more smoke from Vancouver Island.

“Pollution levels are likely to go up and down and vary across the region through Sunday,” the agency notes. “Medically sensitive groups should take precautions to limit exposure.”

For an up-to-date forecast, click here.

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