Additional rape charges filed against former MTHS student


    A 20-year-old former Mountlake Terrace High School student has been charged with two additional counts of rape, on top of two earlier charges filed in 2017 involving rapes occurring between January and August 2016 — including one in the school hallway.

    Cole Krause was age 17 and age 18 and the victims were ages 15 and 16 at the time of the four incidents.

    The first incident allegedly occurred in January 2016. The 15-year-old victim, identified as AC in court documents, accused the then-17-year-old Krause of raping her in a hallway at the high school. After the incident was reported, Krause was expelled from MTHS, and then-principal Greg Schwab posted a letter on the school’s website calling the incident “a very serious matter.”

    The second incident allegedly occurred in September 2016. The victim, identified as AL in court documents and also age 15, was visiting Krause in his home when she says he became very aggressive and forcibly had sex with her despite her saying “no” and attempting to resist.

    After completing their investigations of these incidents, prosecutors charged Krause with two counts of third-degree rape in April 2017.

    The most recent charges stem from statements given to Mountlake Terrace police in December, 2017 from a third young woman (also identified as AC, but a different person from the earlier charge), who told them she came forward after learning that others had pressed charges.

    In her statement, she alleged that while her sexual contact at age 16 with the then-18-year-old Krause was initially consensual, it had become increasingly violent and unwanted, and continued despite her protests. She also described an incident that occurred when she was intoxicated and woke up to Krause raping her.

    Based on this report, prosecutors filed the two new charges on Nov. 9, one for third-degree rape, which means the victim clearly expressed lack of consent, and one for second-degree rape, meaning that the victim was incapacitated and incapable of giving consent. 

    Krause remains free pending a Jan. 25 trial date.


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