A reader wonders about juvenile solicitors in MLT: Police say, if suspicious, call 911


We received an email the other day from an MLTnews reader, reporting that a juvenile came to his door in the neighborhood of 224th and 52nd, “selling $9 boxes of product from a worn out blue tub. Candy, dog biscuits, etc. ”

The reader wondered if it was a scam and mentioned that he had called the police about it.

“He said it was so his ‘youth group’ could go snow boarding,” the reader wrote. “I asked what group he was in and he answered with a VERY rehearsed generic answer. I asked if he had a badge or any papers explaining or verifying his charity. Again a very well practiced response. I then got curious and was starting to think this was not legit. I asked him how and where the money was used. He stated that the driver got money for gas and for driving them around, he got money, and that they used some for fun trips.”

We asked MLT Police Commander Doug Hansen if he had any advise for residents who receive such visitors to their home, and here’s what he said: “I have had the same type of solicitors come to my door and I chose not to buy their products. This would be an individualís choice. When solicitation is regulated by city codes or the solicitor is suspicious I recommend that they call 911.”


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