3 incidents near 232nd/56th Sunday afternoon


If you happened to have been near 232nd St. SW and 56th Ave W around 1 pm on Sunday and saw a guy running around, it was likely me. Three nearly simultaneous incidents took place and here are the details:

Girl hit by car

The Ballard Eagles Drill Team was having a car wash on Sunday in the Roger’s parking lot. We have been told that one of the girls was standing near the street holding a sign advertising the car wash. The child was transported to Steven’s hospital.

Fire alarm at Calvary Chapel

Someone pulled a manual fire alarm somehow at Calvary Chapel at 23302 56th Ave W. It ended up being a false alarm.

Mountlake Terrace Plaza (Merrill Gardens) Aid response

The responded to Mountlake Plaza for an aid call for a woman with medical problem.


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