228th & 39th Converted to 4-Way Stop Controlled Intersection


228th Street SW and 39th Avenue W was converted from a 3-way to a 4-way stop controlled intersection on Thursday, January 6, 2011. The conversion was made by installing a stop sign for the eastbound traffic heading into the City of Brier. The revised traffic control now stops traffic on all approaches. The conversion to an all way stop controlled intersection was made to increase safety.

This intersection was identified in the City’s 2007 Transportation Master Plan (TMP) as a High Collision Location, with an average of 2 collisions per year. The City has also received citizen reports regarding near-misses at this intersection.

The stop signs for eastbound and westbound traffic are needed because there is inadequate sight distance for vehicles to safely enter 228th Street SW from the side streets, and for vehicles turning left off of 228th.

Although the safety benefits of all-way stop control were previously identified, stopping the eastbound traffic was not possible because the stopped vehicles would block emergency vehicles leaving the fire station located on the southwest corner of the intersection. With the recent relocation of Fire District No. 1 personnel and equipment to the new station located in the City of Brier, the stop sign was added to this intersection for eastbound traffic.

The City of MLT Engineering Services Department will follow up the conversion to an all-way stop controlled intersection with a traffic study to evaluate its operation and the need for additional modifications.


  1. This could have been implemented better with some notice of the traffic change before the actual change took effect. A lot of parents taking kids to Cedar Way missed this change (signage not that great) and then got a ticket from the cop parked nearby when they blew through the stop. Definitely people need to obey posted traffic signs but this seems like the stick approach to change as opposed to carrot.


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