2013 MLT Police Department study shows slight drop in crime from 2012


MLT Police DepartmentA Mountlake Terrace Police Department study showed a slight drop in almost every category of crime in 2013 in comparison to 2012; total crimes in the city numbered 574 in 2013, compared to 649 the previous year.

The statistics were part of the 2013 Mountlake Terrace Police Report presented to the city council this week. “The City of Mountlake Terrace continues to be a safe place to live, work and visit,” pronounced Police Department Chief Greg Wilson at the council’s work/study session on Feb. 18.

Wilson attributed the 12-percent drop in total reported crimes in the city to proactive enforcement efforts and the high visibility the department maintains in the community.

Violent crimes showed an even bigger drop in 2013, with just 35 reported, compared to 55 in 2012.

Violent Crimes in Mountlake Terrace
Aggravated Assault: 24 in 2012 / 18 in 2013
Robbery: 13 in 2012 / 9 in 2013
Forcible Sex Offense: 18 in 2012 / 8 in 2013
Homicide: 0 in 2012 / 0 in 2013
(the statistics do not include the June 2013 death of a Mountlake Terrace man who died from injuries sustained in an October, 2012 assault behind O Houilie’s Pub; the man died at Harborview Hospital in Seattle, making it a King County homicide statistic)

The only crime statistics that saw an increase in 2013 from the previous year were for simple assault, up to 129 from 124 in 2012, and theft of auto, up to 73 from 55 in 2012.

Auto thefts are “usually not done by a single individual, (but) done by groups” Wilson noted. “We certainly are working with the Snohomish County auto theft task force to target particular auto thieves or organizations that are stealing cars.”

Wilson also said that 129 simple assaults in a city of more than 20,000 “is still a low number.”

He also reported that the purchase of city pet licenses tripled in 2013 from the number purchased in the previously year, up from about 300 in 2012 to almost 1,000 last year.

“I just want to thank you and our entire force for the work you do on behalf of our community,” said Councilmember Bryan Wahl following the report. “And I certainly want to continue to applaud your effort and your innovation and your continued presence in the community. It’s made a difference, obviously. Crime is down and our citizens are safe.”

Wahl also read from a letter City Hall received late last year concerning drug enforcement efforts of the MLT Police Department. “Someone who had recently come out of the drug lifestyle, she laughed and said, ‘Do you know what those involved in drugs call the Mountlake Terrace police? The Gauntlet! They advise everyone to stay away from Mountlake Terrace because you will get caught.’” Wahl added, “I think that is a tremendous compliment to our police department and the work you guys do on our behalf.”

You can view the entire 2013 Mountlake Terrace Police Department Report here.


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