Tuberculosis exposure at EdCC, considered low-risk


Screenshot (579)Snohomish Health District is monitoring an Edmonds Community College student who was recently diagnosed with tuberculosis. Classes at the college are operating on a normal schedule, but the student is not currently attending classes and will not return to school until there is no public health concern.

The Snohomish Health District said Thursday it is working closely with the Edmonds Community College administration to ensure all those with exposure risk receive TB testing and treatment if necessary.

Signs and symptoms of tuberculosis include prolonged coughing that lasts three weeks or more, coughing up blood, chest pain or painful breathing, fever and fatigue. The condition is caused by a bacteria that can be spread through the air. While it is contagious, the likelihood of catching it is low, according to Mayo Clinic.

Although the District says the risk of infection to students and staff is low, the Snohomish Health District has recommended a precautionary TB screening test to approximate 60 of students and five staff members. The Snohomish Health District has already notified those who should receive the free screening.

A number of students have already been tested and all have been negative for tuberculosis infection.

If you would like more information about tuberculosis or services at the Health District, visit


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