Tour de Terrace 2011: Day 2


Thousands of people came out for the opening day of Tour de Terrace yesterday. 56th Ave W was lined with people enjoying the parade while afterwards people poured in to the carnival and beer garden to enjoy the live entertainment.

Things have already started this morning with the pancake breakfast that runs until noon and the car show opens at 9am. The carnival and vendor booths open at 10am and the crowd favorite fireworks show is tonight at 10 pm. Check out the full schedule below:

Saturday, July 30

Car, Truck & Motorcycle Show: 9 am – 3 pm
Pancake Breakfast ($5): 8 – 12 am
Davis Carnival: 10 am – 11 pm
Food Booths: 10 am – 11 pm
Street Fair: 10am – 9 pm
Beer Garden: 11 am – 11 pm
Featured music:
12-1:40, Scott Lindenmuth (Jazz Fusion)
2-3:40 pm, Pop Offs (Pop/Rock)
4-5:40 pm, Latigo Lace (New Country)
6-7:40 pm Elvis with Tracy Alan Moore
8-11 pm Red Hot Blues Sisters (Blues)
Fireworks Show: 10 pm

Check out the photo below by Mark Hopkins as well as a video from the parade that someone uploaded to Youtube.


  1. I am glad that the Tour De Terrace was successful and the community had a chance to get together to have fun. But I find it ironic that we as private citizens aren’t able to light fireworks, but our City Council members can.  As a citizen and a candidate, I find that to be very disturbing.

    • I didn’t see any Council members lighting off fireworks… I saw a permitted, insured and professional crew setting up and launching fireworks.  Hey, if a citizen wants to obtain a permit and insurance to have a display, more power to them.

      • Well thank you for providing me with the correct info regarding the fireworks. But a citizen shouldn’t have to obtain a permit and insurance to light fireworks on holidays like the 4th of July. That’s our given rights as citizens of the USA. We can’t fire them off because most of the council voted to ban them.  Also during the parade I talked to a lot of the people and they are for the use of fireworks, which I intend to revist that issue if I get voted on to the council this year.

        • How is setting off fireworks a right?  Given by whom?  If you want to drive a car you need a license and insurance, would you do away with those requirements?  If you want to dig a pool in your back yard you need a permit and survey to make sure you don’t interrupt ground lines – is that interfering with your given rights?  If you want to own a dog you need a license and tags proving you have had it vaccinated against rabies, is this against your given rights? 

    • The Tour de Terrace organization is different from the MLT City Council.  Yes, Jerry has ties to the TDT board (is he on the board? I can’t remember), but they are still separate things.  The fireworks display was no different than the one at Shilshoal Bay/Golden Gardens a week ago, that display was in celebration of an expensive wedding.  Like Mark says – with a permit and insurance anyone can do this.

      • You definitely have your right to your opinion and I respect.  I think that’s important that we can agree to disagree in a respectful manner.

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