Scene in MLT: Curbside shopping


Doug Petrowski found the humor in the many items offered for free along Mountlake Terrace streets Monday, so he put together this photo essay:


  1. I don’t find this humorus. Most often it is junk that no one wants and it gets left for days even weeks at a time. It makes our neighborhood look awful.

  2. There needs to be a 24 hr. limit on items placed out for free AND it needs to be enforced!! I always know when I’ve crossed into MLT. ๐Ÿ™

    • Late reply to Kathy re: time limit on curbside items: That’s a great idea, though maybe extending the time limit a few more days (a week maximum) might be helpful. Letting stuffed furniture and mattresses sit longer than that probably encourages nesting by rats and fosters mildew growth.

  3. Or how about people can do what they want on their own property. It may look bad, but it’s a kind gesture and some people are grateful for these items. Stop judging your neighbors. Some are elderly, on fixed incomes, disability.. etc. It’s stuff. Who cares. Or how about we ban ugly people? Ugly pets? Dogs that bark? Get over it. Is this really what matters to you in life? Find a hobby. I’ve never seen anything free sit around for more than a week.

  4. I doubt disabled people could haul a couch out to the sidewalk to leave it for someone. Why not call the Salvation Army for pick-up or donate items to a local 2nd hand store? And better yet, if its truly broken, damaged and broken take it to the dump. Our neighborhood streets should not be your garbage dump. Where is code enforcement?

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