Opinion: Mountlake Terrace Main Street Revitalization Project needs state funding

Sen. Rosemary McAuliffe
Sen. Rosemary McAuliffe
Rep.Luis Moscoso
Rep.Luis Moscoso
Rep. Derek Stanford
Rep. Derek Stanford

By Sen. Rosemary McAuliffe, Rep. Luis Moscoso and Rep. Derek Stanford

The Mountlake Terrace Main Street Revitalization project, currently being considered by the Washington State Legislature for funding, would enhance downtown and create a dynamic new community epicenter.

State capital budget dollars provide the critical financial boost for construction and maintenance dollars for local governments, school districts, non-profits, housing, and cultural facilities. City revitalization projects like this create jobs and promote healthy business environments throughout Washington state.

The Mountlake Terrace Main Street Revitalization Project is an ideal capital investment for the state. Just minutes from the two major urban and economic hubs of Seattle and Everett, it will spur sustainable economic development, build affordable housing, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and connect the developing town center with transit hubs near Interstate 5.

It’s also a jobs package that will help our state recover from the Great Recession by creating an estimated 1,400 permanent jobs.
Mountlake Terrace has never received state capital budget money and has shown it manages public funds responsibly by keeping their finances in order through the Great Recession.

Having put the management structures in place to effectively maintain their finances, we believe the city government will be a good steward for this project. In fact, the majority of funding for this revitalization project, $6.5 million, will come from Mountlake Terrace itself. All the city needs is an additional $5.5 million from the state Capital Budget to put this shovel-ready plan into action.

With proven fiscal prudence, and clear local and regional return on investment, we ask our colleagues in the Legislature to approve funding for the Mountlake Terrace Main Street Revitalization project. Please join us in supporting state funding for this dynamic project.


  1. I concur. The City of Mountlake Terrace has proven itself to be financially astute and good stewards of their finances. This Main Street Revitalization project is important to the City’s continued downtown development. I strongly encourage our Senator and Representatives to urge the State Legislature to support this project.

  2. Since you brought it up, I believe one of the ways MLT has managed public funds responsibly heretofore is by not spending $25M of it on a Taj Mahal to serve 30,000 residents.

    Pity that will no longer be the case if Prop. 1 passes.

    I’m curious as to the mechanism by which upgrades and updates to a single street, some of which is being done already using private dollars, will result in 1,400 permanent jobs in a municipality that currently only has 6,487 of them, according to the City’s web site. You’re going to expand jobs by 20+% by improving one street in a small town?

    Is that done in the same way that we’re using less energy by installing EV charging stations in the 236th P&R, which I never see being used by anybody?

    Please. We’re a small community but most of us can do basic math.

  3. This is a repeat of a request made by our Mayor back in Janaury when Margaret Loiseau responded that he was asking for “some of that money the State doesn’t have.” We’re still asking and they still don’t have any extra. This is a just a press release timed to coincide with the Civic Center proposition leaving the appearance in the minds of the gullible that the council’s downtown transformation efforts will soon be aided by the State government. People can do the math. They can also read the paper in which our gaping State deficit and Education’s first call on any found money have been made abundantly clear.

    • All a part of the Grand Conspiracy, I suppose. City Council members, us proactive residents and now our state legislative district representatives. All working together in collusion to fool the Mountlake Terrace community in to improving its infrastructure. Who’s next? The Governor? The President?! This is getting a bit ridiculous.

  4. This project would be a GREAT idea. MLT needs revitalization, to say the least.

    “Since you brought it up, I believe one of the ways MLT has managed public funds responsibly heretofore is by not spending $25M of it on a Taj Mahal to serve 30,000 residents.”

    Things cost MONEY, Mr.Smith. WE are the taxpayers, this is OUR community, therefore WE should pay. It’s $10-11 per month. Is that really too much to ask? Why keep MLT stuck in it’s current dilapidated state? Let’s invest some money so we can reap the rewards–new residents, new businesses, a better local economy, and a more solid infrastructure. You reap what you sow.

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