Mountlake Terrace police blotter: Sept. 1-7


Sept. 1
A collision was reported near the intersection of 64th Avenue West and 219th Street Southwest. A driver turned right in front of a second vehicle with what was described as “plenty of room” by the first driver and witnesses. The second vehicle then accelerated and crashed into the first vehicle. The driver of the second vehicle said she was trying to brake but the vehicle would not slow down. She also said she just started driving and did not yet have insurance. She was cited for speeding and driving without insurance.

A collision was reported in the 6600 block of 220th Street Southwest. A driver apparently fell asleep and hit the rear of a second vehicle. The first driver was cited for following too closely. The second driver complained of back pain.

A vehicle reportedly hit a bicycle in the 5700 block of 236th Street Southwest. A vehicle was pulling out of the driveway when a cyclist rode directly in front of the vehicle. The bike did not sustain any apparent damage. The cyclist suffered minor injuries and was not transported to the hospital. The vehicle also suffered a small mark on the front hood. No citation was given.

A possible slashed tire was reported in the 4400 block of 224th Street Southwest.

Sept. 3
A dog reportedly bit a child in the 21400 block of 52nd Avenue West. The dog was not leashed at the time and reportedly ran after a boy who was on his bike at the time. The boy fell off his bike and hit his head. He was taken to the hospital to be evaluated. The responding officer photographed the boy’s injuries. Follow-up will be conducted by animal control.

Sept. 4
A vehicle prowl was reported in the 6100 block of St. Albion Way. Scooters, an iPad and a suitcase were stolen.

Sept. 5
A shoplifter was reported in the 6000 block of 244th Street Southwest. Approximately $447 worth of products were taken from a store there.

A shoplifter was reported in the 4300 block of 212th Street Southwest. An employee attempted to contact the suspect as he loaded up merchandise into his vehicle, but the suspect fled. Some items were recovered.

A burglary was reported int he 4900 block of 216th Street Southwest. A furnace inside a residence there was drained and the front panel was opened. The owner thinks someone may have been trying to steal the furnace.

A burglary was reported at a school in the 23600 block of 54th Avenue West. A window in one of the classrooms was broken and some computer equipment was stolen.

A backpack was found in the 23500 block of Peterson Drive.

Sept. 6
A single-vehicle crash was reported in the 4300 block of 212th Street Southwest. The vehicle was turning right into a parking lot when it struck a median that separates traffic coming in and out of the driveway. The vehicle suffered “significant” damage.

An incident of fraud was reported at the Mountlake Terrace Police Department. A woman came to the department because she believes her information was compromised. She said a few months earlier, she was having computer trouble and found an online company that could fix her computer remotely. Shortly after that, she started receiving gift cards that she did not purchase. She alerted her bank and the store where the cards were purchased to the fraud at the time. However, she recently started receiving collection notices from the store for the gift cards.

Sept. 7
A stray bicycle was found in the 21400 block of 48th Avenue West. The bike appeared to be in bad shape.

A two-vehicle crash was reported on State Route 104 near the I-5 interchange. A vehicle had been exiting the freeway when a second vehicle did not yield right of way. The driver of the second vehicle was cited for failure to yield and for driving without insurance. The driver of the first vehicle was transported to a local hospital.

A commercial burglary was reported in the 21000 block of 44th Avenue West. Several rooms had drawers open but nothing appeared to be missing.

A woman was issued an infraction for DUI in the 21600 block of 52nd Avenue West. She was seen drifting from side to side in her lane and periodically pressing the brakes for no reason. She also turned without signaling. She said she was driving from Seattle to Everett and had accidentally gotten off of I-5. After performing field sobriety tests, she provided a breath sample, showing a 0.065 percent blood alcohol concentration. She was booked and released.

Two found bicycles were reported in the 6500 block of 218th Street Southwest.

A commercial burglary was reported in the 21000 block of 44th Avenue West. The cash register drawer was taken long with $200 in cash. Lotion and medication were also taken from inside a different drawer.


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