Mountlake Terrace police blotter: Oct. 6-13


police-mlt-logoOct. 6
A commercial burglary was reported in the 5500 block of 238th Street Southwest. Two cash donation boxes were broken into and all of their contents were stolen. It is impossible to know how much money was taken.

Oct. 7
A vehicle was reported stolen from the 22200 block of 48th Avenue West. The vehicle’s owner said his roommate took the truck the day before. He said the roommate has had permission to drive the truck in the past, but currently does not. He said his roommate had returned home yesterday, but they got into a fight over the roommate driving on the grass. The roommate then took off.

Oct. 8
A residential burglary was reported in the 24200 block of 58th Place West. The owner of the house is deceased, but the man taking power of attorney over the house reported the burglary. Sometime in the last week, an unknown person entered the house by prying open the back kitchen window. Multiple items, including two firearms, were stolen. The man could not say exactly what else was taken, nor could he provide a description of the firearms, as they were not his.

An incident of fraud was reported in the 21200 block of 44th Avenue West. A customer tried to pay for products using a fake $20 bill. The customer said he did not know the bill was fake. He said he received it as change from a Safeway store in Federal Way. He said he would retrieve the receipt to prove it. The fake bill was entered into evidence.

Oct. 9
A residential burglary was reported in the 4300 block of 222nd Street Southwest. A bedroom window was forced open and the wooden blinds were broken. Costume jewelry, silver dollars and other belongings were taken.

A vehicle was reported stolen from the 22800 block of 44th Avenue West. A bar customer left his vehicle overnight and took a cab home. When he returned, his vehicle was gone. After making the report, the vehicle’s owner located the vehicle–a sober friend had moved it to a safe location for him.

Oct. 10
A dog bite was reported at a Mountlake Terrace residence. A woman was bitten by a German shepherd in the face and left breast, and would be requiring reconstructive surgery. At the time of the bite, an older woman living in the dog’s house had passed away. Several family members, friends and medic units were at the house at the time, including the dog and its owner from Montana. The dog bite victim walked by the house and possibly approached the dog or unknowingly placed herself between the dog and its food. The dog attacked. The dog’s owner said he understood the dog would most likely need to be euthanized after the attack, but was told to hold the dog for 10 days to verify its health. Later that day, the dog’s vet in Montana sent over vaccination records showing the dog’s rabies vaccine was out of date. The next day, an officer contacted the dog’s owner and asked about the vaccine. The officer learned that the owner had taken the dog to an undisclosed location in Snohomish County and shot the dog, burning it on site. The dog’s owner said the dog had bitten him about one month ago and he never got sick, so the dog was healthy. He had shown no previous signs of rabies. No further enforcement action was necessary at this point.

Oct. 11
A pedestrian on his cell phone crossed a street inside a parking lot on 212th Street Southwest. A vehicle struck him. The man yelled at the driver. The driver flipped him off and drove away. The pedestrian was uninjured at the time.

A commercial burglary was reported in the 21800 block of 66th Avenue West. A storage unit had been ransacked and several items had been stolen, including tools and a coin collection.

Oct. 12
A woman reported the windshield on her vehicle was broken in the 5000 block of 212th Street Southwest. She believes it may have been broken by some local children playing ball, however she could not say for sure and did not know exactly who had been playing ball out front. She said she has a second vehicle which also had a broken windshield on Oct. 10.

Oct. 13
A theft was reported in the 4300 block of 212th Street Southwest. A grocery store employee said two men, who were staying in a motorhome parked in the store’s parking lot, were seen retrieving propane tanks from the front of the store, but had not purchased propane. The motorhome then left the parking lot.


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