Mountlake Terrace police blotter: June 23-30


police-mlt-logo-1June 23
A vehicle prowl was reported in the 5500 block of 220th Street Southwest. The rear passenger window was broken and several items were taken.

June 24
A vehicle prowl was reported in the 5900 block of 214th Street Southwest. The victim said their vehicle was unlocked. Coins and a blank check were stolen.

An attempted vehicle theft was reported in the 23600 block of 56th Avenue West. The ignition had been removed in an apparent attempt to steal a motorcycle.

June 25
A physical domestic dispute was reported in the 21900 block of 64th Avenue West. A caller reported a man and woman arguing in a parking lot. The man then reportedly slapped the woman. The responding officer approached them in a vehicle. The vehicle was reported stolen out of Seattle. The driver said they wanted to leave. The officer said they couldn’t. The driver got upset and said they wanted to leave. The officer again said they could not. The driver then put the car in drive and took off at a high rate of speed. The officer lost sight of the vehicle.

A domestic disturbance was reported in the 4700 block of 223rd Street Southwest. A father and son got into a fight after the father got into a fight with his wife. The son punched the father, who was bleeding form the eye and was on his way to the hospital. The father had apparently become upset at his wife (the son’s mother) for spilling water and grabbed her neck. The son intervened and punched him. The wife was given a DV pamphlet. The son could not be located.

A verbal domestic dispute was reported in the 24200 block of 52nd Avenue West.

June 26
A physical domestic dispute was reported in the 6300 block of 233rd Place Southwest. A boyfriend and girlfriend got into an argument over the unknown location of the TV remote. A struggle began, and he reportedly pushed her. She fell and hit her head. The man also had two outstanding warrants, so he was arrested.

June 27
A wallet was stolen from a grocery store in the 4300 block of 212th Street Southwest. A suspect was spotted on surveillance video placing a bag on top of the wallet, then grabbing his bag and the wallet and walking out.

A burglary was reported in the 5600 block of 216th Street Southwest. A power tool was taken from a construction site trailer. Other items had been disturbed, but nothing else was taken.

A man contacted an officer at the Mountlake Terrace Police Department to turn over several credit cards he said he found. The owner of the credit cards could not be reached. The cards were destroyed.

A woman called to report a suspicious purse on her porch in the 5600 block of 220th Street Southwest. She said she didn’t want to open the purse because it wasn’t hers. Inside were several items that did belong to her, including a check book, some makeup and jewelry. She said her car had been broken into about a month prior but did not report it to police. The purse with remaining items, including sunglasses, a book and other miscellaneous items, was entered into evidence.

June 28
An incident of road rage was reported on I-5 near the exit to 220th Street Southwest. A van had been pulled over and attempted to merge with traffic while the reporting party was stopped, waiting to turn right. The reporting party was already alongside him and there was no room for the van to move over. The driver of the van then reportedly made an obscene gesture toward the reporting party, who returned the gesture before turning. Th derived of the van then pulled toward him and swerved away. The reporting party provided a license plate number for the van and said he could identify the suspect if he was contacted.

June 29
A burglary was reported. A man said his HD antenna was stolen from his front porch. It had been unscrewed from the cable. A bag of clothes was also missing from the porch.

A vehicle theft was reported on 216th Street Southwest. The suspect was caught and taken to the Snohomish County Jail.

June 30
A resident reported a loud crash in the 6500 block of 227th Street Southwest. An officer responded to the area and contacted a married couple that had gotten into a fight. The wife broke her own ceramic sculpture out of anger during the fight. Both were given DV pamphlets.

A verbal domestic dispute was reported in the 21500 lock of 48th Avenue West.

A vehicle was stolen from the 4400 block of 212th Street Southwest. A burglary was also reported in the same apartment complex earlier that morning. It is unknown at this time if the two crimes are related.


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