Mountlake Terrace police blotter: June 10-15



June 10
A fraud complaint was filed at the Mountlake Terrace Police Department. $547 worth of fraudulent charges had been made on a woman’s credit card.

A baggie of marijuana was found at Mountlake Terrace High School. It was entered into evidence for destruction.

A man entered the Mountlake Terrace Police Department and handed a note to an officer. The man said, “This is for you.” The officer asked what it was and the man repeated, “This is for you,” and left. The officer read the note which said two people were being held hostage and tortured at a residence in the 6700 block of 229th Place Southwest. Two officers responded to the residence to conduct a welfare check. The residence is split into two units. The downstairs tenant reported nothing suspicious happening upstairs and allowed a search of her residence. The upstairs tenant, the building’s owner, was contacted by phone. He is the man believed to have dropped off the note. He said he did not leave a note and claimed to be out of town. A report was taken for informational purposes only.

A theft was reported in the 5800 block of 225th Place Southwest. The victim said his wallet was taken from inside his vehicle. He noticed $5,000 in fraudulent charges had been made on his credit card.

A vehicle prowl was reported in the 21300 block of 48th Avenue West. A stereo system and roof rack were taken from a vehicle.

June 11
A vehicle prowl was reported in the 21900 block of 64th Avenue West. A left rear window was broken out of a vehicle, but nothing was taken from inside.

June 12
A disturbance was reported in the 23000 block of 52nd Avenue West. A man called to say his adult son was not supposed to be there and was verbally arguing with him. The son had a $7,600 warrant out of Lynnwood for Assault 4. He was arrested and taken to the Lynnwood Jail.

A woman called to report damage to the rear bumper of her vehicle.

A domestic dispute was reported in the 22800 block of 44th Avenue West. A man and woman, who are engaged to be married, got into an argument. The woman said he grabbed her jacket and shook her. They went outside and he threw her to the ground. She lost a shoe and sock. Once they got to the road, a witness saw the man punched her in the stomach, causing her to double over. Officers contacted the couple. The man said he only touched her to hug her. The woman had injuries which were photographed. The man was arrested for fourth degree domestic assault.

June 13
A domestic argument was reported in the 5100 block of 240th Place Southwest. A man said his estranged wife came to pick up some things before going to her boyfriend’s place. They got into a fight and she hit him. He said he did not hit her but held her back. She said he grabbed her arm and pushed her against a door but she is not injured.

Officers responded to a welfare check near the intersection of 50th Avenue West and La Pierre Drive. A man and woman were inside a vehicle, slumped over. The vehicle was safely pulled off the road. Officers contacted them and believed them to be under the influence of heroin. Neither was fit to drive. The woman was given a ride to her mother’s house. The man walked away. The vehicle was secured.

A verbal domestic dispute was reported in the 22500 block of 57th Avenue West.

June 14
A disturbance was reported in the 4300 block of 228th Street Southwest. An older woman reportedly fell down in the parking lot and suffered several minor injuries. She had gotten into an argument with a man, who got into a car and drove away while she was holding the door handle. She fell to the ground because she was holding the door handle. Medics treated the woman. She did not want to file assault charges. The man was not located at his address. The woman was provided with a domestic violence pamphlet.

A burglary was reported in the 21800 block of 66th Avenue West. A resident property manager heard a loud crash outside and saw a man inside a gate, where no one should have been at that time. The manager grabbed the suspect to prevent him from getting away. Eventually they separated and the suspect ran away. A side door to the office was open. A cash box and file cabinets were open on the floor. The suspect was later located at Walgreens. He was taken to Snohomish County Jail for first degree burglary and fourth degree assault.

June 15
A vehicle theft was reported in the 6300 block of St. Albion Way.


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