Mountlake Terrace police blotter: April 29 – May 6


police-mlt-logo-1April 29
A residential burglary was reported in the 22500 block of 56th Avenue West. The homeowner said an unknown number of people entered his house and made a mess, but did not appear to take anything. A back window was broken out.

April 30
A $100,000 drug warrant was served in the 24000 block of 53rd Avenue West. The suspect was arrested without incident and transported to Lynnwood Jail.

May 1
A trespasser was reported at a business in the 21200 block of 44th Avenue West.

A physical domestic complaint was filed in the 22800 block of Lakeview Drive.

May 3
A man entered the Mountlake Terrace Police Department to make a report of a bone found in his yard. The man had been doing yard work when he found what appeared to be half of a pelvic bone. It had saw marks on it and had been snapped in half, as though someone tried to saw it in half, gave up and snapped it before discarding it. The man said he moved into the house three or four years ago. He said he had found apparent rib bones in the past but thought they were animal so he discarded them. The bone was sent to the Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s office to determine its origin. The bone was confirmed to be an animal bone and was destroyed.

May 4
A two-car collision was reported at the intersection of 56th Avenue West and 230th Street Southwest. One vehicle was traveling west on 230th Street Southwest. The driver had stopped at the stop sign, then proceeded to cross 56th Avenue West. The second vehicle was traveling on 56th Avenue West, which does not have a stop sign, and collided with the first vehicle. After listening to the drivers and observing the damage, the officer determined the first vehicle is at fault for failing to yield to the right of way.

A verbal dispute between roommates was reported in the 4400 block of 212th Street Southwest.

A driver was pulled over for failing to signal before turning right. The officer checked the license and saw there was a warrant for the driver’s arrest out of Seattle. She was taken into custody.

A possible mail theft was reported in the 22800 block of 41st Place Southwest. The resident noticed his mail box was open and saw advertisement fliers on the ground. He is concerned because his tax rebate check has not arrived yet. It is undetermined if his mail was actually stolen.

May 5
A Mountlake Terrace High School employee was contacted. She said her boyfriend was sending her text messages that made her feel unsafe and upset. He texted that he would not physically hurt her, but was going to do something bad to her reputation and was going to go to the school in the next ten minutes. She told him not to come and not to talk to her anymore. The man never came to the school. The woman was advised on how to get a protection order.

A residential burglary was reported in the 24000 block of 46th Place West. A guitar case and other equipment was found sitting outside the front door. The said the items were inside when he left. The door had been damaged after apparently being forced open. Several items were out of place inside the house.

A court order violation was reported in the 21500 block of 54th Place West. A man was arrested in the area for contacting a woman he has been ordered not to contact and waiting outside her house.

A domestic assault was reported in the 21200 block of 48th Avenue West.

A man was arrested for driving on a suspended license in the 5700 block of 232nd Street Southwest.

A vehicle theft was reported in the 4400 block of 212th Street Southwest.

May 6
A collision occurred between two vehicles at the intersection of 236th Street Southwest and 41st Avenue West. One vehicle rear-ended a second vehicle that was stopped at a stop sign.


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