Mountlake Terrace Police blotter


MLT police shieldThe following are selected incidents from the Mountlake Terrace Police blotter.

Oct. 26

5400 block of 212th St. SW. Vehicle theft. A 2015 car was stolen from an apartment parking lot.

Oct. 27

21900 block of Highway 99. Theft. A restaurant reported a man and woman ate dinner and then left two counterfeit $20 to pay for their meal.

22800 block of Lakeview Dr. Theft. Two flat screen TVs were stolen from the clubhouse of an apartment complex.

5300 block of 223rd St. SW. Fraud. A woman was the victim of identify theft. A department store opened a charge account in the woman’s name without her permission.

5100 block of 224th St. SW. Vehicle prowl. Two GPS units and keys were stolen from two cars. The vehicles were left unlocked by a tow truck driver.

Oct. 28

5600 block of 235th St. SW. Theft. A man reported the theft of diving gear and tools outside his door in the driveway of his residence.

6300 block of St. Albion Way. Theft auto. A man reported the theft of his car.

Oct. 29

5800 block of 214th St. SW. Found property. A woman turned in some photos and documents she found in the road. It was determined after contacting the owner that the material was from a stolen vehicle.


  1. Since Snohomish County is not contributing to anymore. Where do I get UPDATED information about crime activities in MLT?

    • We are doing our best to try to get timely crime information from MLT but there are challenges. A month ago, we discovered that the launch of the countywide New World System has made it harder for police in the three cities we cover — Mountlake Terrace, Lynnwood and Edmonds — to provide us with police report summaries that we were reviewing and reporting on weekly. As a result, there have been NO weekly police blotters from any of those cities in a nearly a month — not acceptable as far as we are concerned. I have asked city officials to address this issue ASAP and they are aware. I have shared that it would make perfect sense to coordinate between at least those three cities to find a solution. But of course, I am not in charge of making that decision. — Teresa Wippel, publisher

      • Thank you for your quick response. I agree, this is unacceptable. Getting the city to understand this is a challenge. I’m very concerned with the crime around my neighborhood. There’s a Drug house and a lot of illegal activity going on around here and with a School a block away. I don’t understand why there isn’t something being done. I’m new to the neighborhood and don’t understand why anyone would put up with this. I’m doing everything I can. With no help from the neighbors.

  2. I’m a lead on nextdoor. There wasn’t one for my area when I moved here, so I started one. It’s been helpful. But, Without the city’s backup what are you supposed to do.

    • An update from the city on the question: “ was a program that was initiated by Com-Centers (911 services) regionally. We all subscribed to the same vendor program for continuity of information. You are correct, that when we switched to New World, the data links were no long viable. But, in anticipation of that, there was a review of a mapping vendors and a different provider was selected. The contract with this company is currently under review, but everyone involved is working on expediting it so that the New World data can be ‘connected’ to this new program as quickly as possible. It is a valuable source of information that we also want to have available to the public. The new program will be in a mapping format, and just as easy to use.”

  3. Wow, we have a drug house 2 blks away from MLT Elementary! It’s been there quite awhile and despite calls to police making them aware of this they continue to do their business out of their house. They are very busy on Friday afternoon/evenings. Very disheartening.

    • I did ask this question recently and was told that the challenge is, all of the participating public safety agencies in Snohomish County have to agree on the contract terms with the preferred vendor who will replace the one who had been doing the site. The speculation is, it will take a while.

  4. Kind of makes one wonder what they are trying to hide. These reports should be transparent and available to the public in a timely manner. Such lack of respect shown the readers who would like to see this information is appalling. Where there is a “will”, there is a “way” to get this….I would suggest that there is clearly no willingness to help in this matter.

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