Melt Waffle & Frozen Yogurt Grand Opening Saturday


Frozen yogurt shops seem to be all the rage lately, but this is not just another frozen yogurt shop. Melt serves frozen yogurt but with a unique twist: it’s served with a waffle.

The concept is simple: a freshly pressed waffle topped with your choice of several frozen yogurt flavors and some of the many fruit, chocolate and nut toppings they offer. The waffles used by Melt are not the typical, airy waffle that most of us are used to. Melt’s waffles are a denser and chewier waffle that are made with dough rather than a batter. Pearl sugar is added to the dough which caramelizes on the outside of the waffle when pressed.

The standard Melt Waffle treat comes with the waffle, a swirl of frozen yogurt and two toppings and is $4.95. For a little more you can get additional toppings or yogurt. You also have the option to get just the waffle, just the yogurt or a smaller kid sized Melt Waffle treat.

Melt Waffles & Frozen Yogurt held a special preview evening for their Facebook fans on Friday evening and had a good turnout. I decided to go with the waffle, vanilla yogurt, blackberries and chocolate chips. The combination of the warm, doughy waffle with the cold frozen yogurt is something unique that you won’t find anywhere else.

Melt Waffle & Frozen Yogurt is located at 44th Ave W and 212th, next to Randal Southam Photography Studio and Urban City Coffee. They open to the public at 10am on Saturday, September 3rd.


    • The best laid plans – can be disrupted by permitting issues and the Health Department’s timeline.  The shop is bright and clean, and the treats are tasty and unique! 

      • Oh isn’t THAT the truth (permits and the Health Department)!  :)  We were just talking about this place the other day with our neighbors and we’re all a little curious… we’ll have to satisfy our curiosity and give the place a try!

        • There is something really wonderful about the cold yogurt (the chocolate tastes like ice cream) melting into a hot and crispy waffle.  It is my new most favorite thing. 

  1. Nice place and nice people. Not outrageously expensive either.  It’s a yummy treat but super, super sweet.  I couldn’t finish it.  It’s the kind of treat I’d get maybe once a year at the state fair.  I could see this stuff selling well in a booth between the deep fried twinkies and elephant ears. 

    Liege waffles are catching on but Melt seems to be ignoring or bucking other well established trends in the world of frozen yougurt and deserts.  Maybe a better model would be hand everyone a cup with a hot waffle in it and let them self serve the yougurt and toppings.  Need more than 3 yougurt flavors too.  Not saying they should be Menchies but go there or to Zoe down by Greenlake and look how much people (especially kids) love self serve!    

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