Lost Yellow Lab, Banjo


Early this morning Banjo, the yellow lab, went missing from his home near 44th Ave W and 212th St. SW:

About an hour ago I woke groggy I stepped out to have a smoke. My Dog Banjo came out too. This is not regular routine . Iwas so dang tired I finished my smoke and came inside forgetting my Dear ole Dog not noticing he had slipped off in the dark . I have walked up and down the trail next to my house and 44th ave in my jammies about long enough 🙁 I AM JUST SICK ! ! ! Banjo is a dog I rescued from craigslist last Jan . He is my Service companion Dog for anxioty disorder. he is very loved. If you see him please call . He is Just a big ole sweetie and is BIG but would never hurt you . He has slight catoracks and a benine fatty tumor on his stomache. My Children will be CRUSHED when the wake up and find out he is missing.

If you’ve seen Banjo please call (425) 563-3716.

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