Kids can explore the animal world during summer classes at PAWS


Screenshot (421).pngPAWS is offering a series of summer classes for children ages 3-5 to explore the animal world together with their parents.

All classes begin at 10:30 a.m. and end at 11:45 a.m. at PAWS, located at 15305 44th Ave. W. in Lynnwood. Each class costs $12. Click here to register online. Families may register for one, some or all classes.

Classes will use movement, imaginative play, games, songs and crafts to explore the animals who receive care at PAWS. At the end of class, a PAWS Adventure Guide will lead groups on a tour of PAWS relating to the class theme.

A full list of available classes is below:

The Cat’s Meow
Wednesday, June 15

What do young children and kittens have in common? Curiosity and cuteness, among other things. In this class, you will explore the world of cats and kittens and how these fur balls can make the purrfect best friend. Learn about what it takes to care for a kitten and practice your pouncing skills as we turn ourselves into the coolest cats in town.

Backyard Buddies
Tuesday, June 28

Everyone has one of “those” neighbors, you know that neighbor who is up all night long, always inviting all their friends over, or keeps peeking over your fence? No not that one, we’re talking about the raccoons, squirrels and crows! Come learn more about the amazing animals that share your back yard as we learn how these creatures can be some of the coolest neighbors in the neighborhood.

Claws and PAWS
Wednesday, July 13

From the soft pads of a kitten’s paw to the sharp claws of an eagle’s talons, feet come in all shapes and sizes at PAWS. We will dive feet first into how having specialized feet can help you find food, dig a cozy shelter, or just help with a big morning stretch on a scratching post. Make sure you come with your toes ready to go!

Tuesday, July 26

You may see these creatures scurrying about, always busy-busy-busy. They have so much to do and so little time! Sound familiar? We will explore the world of squirrels, from what they eat to their expert memory skills. Find out why squirrels are the Johnny Appleseeds of the animal word and how important these little critters are to us.

Hot Diggity Dogs!
Wednesday, August 10

Calling all dog lovers! From their nose that always knows, to their tails that never fail, come find out what makes a dog our best friend. We will explore the world from a dog’s point of view, excited to play and always ready to go. With their mouths open wide and tongues out to the side, they’re happy to see us, so hurry, come now!

Who’s Who at PAWS
Tuesday, August 23

It takes a village to care for all of the animals at PAWS. From taking care of baby birds to helping find forever homes for the lucky dogs and cats, there are many jobs to be done at PAWS. Travel around the PAWS campus as we meet the who’s who at PAWS and get a chance to help them do their part to care for the animals.


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