Insider’s tip: How high school students can ace college at EdCC

Michelle Platt
Michelle Platt, EdCC Outreach, Admissions and Recruitment Specialist, recently provided an update to the college foundation board.

Fall is the time of year when many high school students feel anxious about their next steps. One option is Edmonds Community College, and Michelle Platt, Outreach, EdCC Admissions and Recruitment Specialist for the college, provided this insider’s tip:

In my position, I collaborate with other departments and partners to attend college fairs, provide information and resources tables for the local high schools, and manage two programs focused on increasing access for students: Acing College for High School Seniors and the Access Program.

Acing College for high school seniors provides all entry services for Edmonds CC on the high school campus.

The Access Program focuses on grades 9-11 by helping students understand college pathways to their ideal career, encouraging discussions about programs, offering campus tours, involving Edmonds CC faculty, and helping students enroll in programs where they can earn college credit while in the high school.

I wish the community and potential students knew how dedicated the college is to fulfilling its mission by strengthening our diverse community and providing access to educational and career opportunities in a supportive learning environment. We are committed to student access, progress, and success.

“Cherish” was a student I worked with last year who completed the Acing College program. The reason she stood out is because, showing her that she belonged in college, no matter her situation was important to me. Each student has their own story to tell and has their own life experience. I wanted to say, “You in particular, belong here at Edmonds CC,” and so does everyone else who dreams of attending college and finding the career of their dreams!

In short, I used her name as a reflection of all potential students, to say, “You Belong Here.” Also, the word “cherish” means to foster or hold dear.

To me, we need to cherish the reality of $35. For some students who sign up for the Acing College program in the high schools, the $35 admissions fee is something they cannot afford. The Edmonds CC Foundation and the Edmonds CC/Edmonds School District Articulation Council, provide the Acing College for High School Seniors program scholarships to cover the admissions fee for students in need, which removes a barrier to college access. This allows the student to complete the entire program, and hopefully graduate high school with their fall college class schedule in hand!

The college is reviewing the fee structure and this includes taking a closer look at the current $35 admissions fee and how we can better serve students.

The Admissions and Outreach team at Edmonds CC is dedicated to providing access to education and giving prospective students, as well as current students, a successful, supportive, fun, and fulfilling college experience. For the Admissions and Outreach team, this includes looking at how we facilitate and support the student entry process so that it is both student and family friendly. Our goal is to highlight academic excellence within a holistic collegiate environment both inside and outside the classroom.

If you are a high school student interested in belonging at EdCC, email me at [email protected]. And if you would like to help more students ace college, please consider donating to the EdCC Foundation here.

-By Janette Turner


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