Happening nearby: Serk Apothecary, focused on kids with special needs, holds Grand Opening

Inside Serk Apothecary. (All photos by Natalie Covate)

A one-of-a-kind pharmacy in Lynnwood held its grand opening celebration on Sunday.

Serk Apothecary not only offers typical pharmacy services, but also carries unique items focused on kids with special needs, especially autism.

Items for special-needs kids include gluten-free play dough, earmuffs and others.

Those items include special earmuffs for kids with sound sensitivity, gluten-free play dough and necklaces with special chew-able charms. Racks of books and pamphlets are available to help teach autistic kids how to appropriately interact with others, how to use the restroom and wash hands, among other things.

Special diagrams are also available to help kids better communicate how they are feeling.

Owner Serkalem Amede is originally from Ethiopia, but spent most of her life in Lynnwood. She moved to the area in 1988 and got her Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from the University of Washington. Seventeen years later, she moved to the east coast to get her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Howard University, but quickly moved back to Lynnwood.

Lynnwood Mayor Nicola Smith, owner Serkalem Amede and friends and family cut the ribbon on Sunday.

She is glad to open her business locally.

“There is no brick-and-mortar sore in Washington state to cater special needs kids. This is more than just a business, it is my calling,” she said.


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