Happening nearby: Hawk rescued from I-405 in June released in Bothell park


    A young red-tailed hawk that fell onto I-405 near Lynnwood in June has been released back into the wild.

    A trooper brought the young hawk to PAWS to recover after it was found on the freeway. The hawk was a fledgling when he arrived at PAWS on June 18. PAWS spokeswoman Katherine Spink said he was lethargic and weak at that point. Diagnostic tests were performed and revealed he had blood parasites and anemia.

    After some treatment, he was eating well and gaining weight within a few days. He was released last week at a park in Bothell.

    If you find a wild animal in need this summer, PAWS can provide guidance on what to do. Their phone number is 425-412-4040.


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