Happening nearby: Fundraiser at beauty spa to benefit Washington Kids in Transition


WAkidsDOBA trip to the spa on Monday, May 12 will also benefit kids in the Edmonds School District. Ombú Salon + Spa in Edmonds will host a Day of Beauty event to benefit Washington Kids in Transition.

Washington Kids in Transition is a volunteer organization committed to providing basic needs for the over 400 children in the Edmonds School District that are considered homeless. With help from individual donors and fundraisers from local businesses, they have been able to provide emergency motel vouchers, small bags of food for children in need each day and emergency closets with basic needs such as basic clothing and grab-and-go food at the schools which have a need.

Book any service with Ombú Salon + Spa for Thursday, May 12 to benefit Washington Kids in Transition. A portion of total sales from the day will be donated to the organization. Appointments can be made by calling 425-778-6322 or booking online at www.ombusalon.com.


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