Happening nearby: Dick’s Drive-In will accept credit cards starting September

File photo by David Carlos
File photo by David Carlos

After 62 years of taking cash only, Dick’s Drive-In announced Thursday the iconic Seattle burger chain will begin accepting credit and debit cards at all locations by September.

“The only reason people still carry cash in this city is to eat at Dick’s Drive-In,” Jim Spady, president of Dick’s Drive-In, said. “Many of our customers have asked us to please start accepting credit and debit cards, and one of the last major decisions my dad made was to start us on this path.”

On Dick’s Drive-In’s Facebook page, some customers have commented that it “won’t feel right” to use a credit card at the location. Dick’s responded that the company will still accept cash.

“Moving from cash only to accepting credit and debit cards has been a long process with many challenges,” Spady said. “It began over two years ago. We had to replace all of our registers and update all of our systems. “

Officials with Dick’s Drive-In say one of the biggest challenges was figuring out how to continue Dick’s Change for Charity program. Dick’s customers have generously donated $1.4 million to their homeless charity partners over the last 18 years. Even though for many customers the physical change will be gone, customers can continue to support Change for Charity by “Rounding Up” for Charity when using credit or debit cards.

Over the next month, Dick’s will be testing new equipment at several locations and plans to accept credit and debit cards, as well as Apple Pay, at all six locations by September 2016. See ddir.com/payment for a list of all cards accepted.

The closest Dick’s Drive-In to Mountlake Terrace is in Edmonds, located at 21910 Highway 99. The chain’s five other locations are in Seattle.


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