Grocery equipment auction staged at Roger’s Market Place

    Rogers Market as auction storage facility, June 6 002
    While Rogers Market has been without any customers since it closed Feb. 29, the building is still in use. The James G. Murphy Company is using the facility to store grocery store equipment that will be up for auction starting next week.

    After more than 50 years as a grocery store, the former Roger’s Market in Mountlake Terrace is finding new life – at least temporally – as a staging area for auction items.

    The James G. Murphy Company, a commercial and industrial auctioneer firm out of Kenmore, is using the space to store and showcase grocery store equipment it will auction off later this month.

    Rogers Market as auction storage facility, June 6 009
    Inside the former Rogers Market building are rows of items to be auctioned off, including stainless steel tables.

    Inside the former Roger’s Market Place are rows of stainless steel tables and sinks, refrigerators and freezers, industrial bakery and butcher equipment, coffee bean grinders, display cabinets, shopping carts, computers and other items from recently closed area grocery stores.

    Almost all of the auction items come from stores that have been affected by recent ownership changes in the grocery industry. Earlier this year the Bellingham-based Haggan chain was sold to Albertsons for a reported $106 million; eighteen months ago Albertsons had purchased Safeway for a reported $9.2 billion.

    Rogers Market as auction storage facility, June 6 011
    Numerous scales being stored inside the former Rogers Market in Mountlake Terrace wait to be auctioned off.

    Roger’s Market Place went out of business earlier this year, but very little of its former equipment is being sold in the auction. “Ninety-nine percent of the items we’re using in this auction are not from Roger’s Market and instead are from other national chain stores that have been consolidating in the area,” said Colin Murphy, a sales representative at James G. Murphy.

    The auction will be done entirely online starting at 11 a.m. on June 14 and continuing until 11 a.m. on June 21. Photos and description of the auction items are available on the James G. Murphy website. Winning bidders will be instructed to pick up their purchased items by June 24.

    While the auction items currently fill the 24,880 square-foot building, they make up only part of the total collection of items that will be sold. Inside the eight semi-trailers that sit in the parking lot on site are more items waiting to be sold at auction later this summer.

    Rogers Market as auction storage facility, June 6 013
    After the items inside the former Rogers Market get sold off and carted away, more items that currently sit inside tractor trailers parked outside will be moved inside and prepared for auction.

    The former Roger’s Market building and 2.14 acre parcel of land is still owned by the Bottman family, who purchased the property for $1.25 million in 1999. It had been listed for sale at $2.75 million, but was recently removed from the commercial MLS listing as a deal on the property may be imminent.

    –Story and photos by Doug Petrowski


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