EdCC launches Spanish-language website for prospective Latino students


Screenshot (694)Edmonds Community College launched a Spanish-language website for prospective Latino students.

The site offers information about admissions, English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, and pre-college programs. Check it out at edcc.edu/espanol.

“Our Latino community is the fastest growing demographic in Snohomish County and here at the college,” Danielle Carnes, executive director for Strategic Enrollment Management, said. “It is important for us to recognize and serve this growing community through translating some of our materials, reaching out to families, and offering a welcoming campus environment.”

Latinos made up about 14 percent of the Edmonds CC 2015 fall quarter student body, and that number is expected to grow as Snohomish County’s Latino population rises.

According to the Pew Research Center, the Latino population accounts for about 9.8 percent of Snohomish County’s population, and has more than doubled in the county since 2000. Continued growth is expected through 2060.

Carnes said the percentage of Latino students in the county’s K-12 schools is even higher, and Edmonds CC is reaching out to the Latino community to prepare its next generation of college students.

The college hosted its first Latino Open House in April, with campus tours and information in Spanish, dinner and live music from the Edmonds CC Salsa Band.

Edmonds CC Latino Outreach Specialist Betty Koteles said the event had over 200 attendees and was a great success.

Koteles has been invited to speak at local high schools for Latino Parents Nights and visited several Latino organizations on behalf of the college.

“The response has been amazing,” she said. “They like the fact that someone can help them in their own language. I have had many requests to visit more schools, to help prospective students, and translate for different departments.”

Koteles said outreach to the Latino community fulfills an important part of the college’s mission by strengthening the community and helping Latino students access educational and career opportunities.


    • 1. Read the article.
      2. You’ll find that it is about a Spanish language website for prospective students and offers information about (among other things) English as as second language (ESL) classes.
      3. Read you comment again.

    • Ms. Stromeyer, allow me to offer a bit of historical irony here: In the 1500-1600’s most European (primarily English and Spanish) “immigrants” to the American continent abolished the languages spoken by long-established native cultures, many of which were, by modern standards, quite sophisticated. Instead, the European invaders flexed their military muscle and imposed their own langues and cultures upon indigenous peoples. A rather ironic historical twist, wouldn’t you say?

      • First of all I am Miss not Ms and second of all I can tell by your comment that you are anti-white, etc. so I will not engage in conversation with with you. By the way I do hope Trump wins.

    • One more comment: People in most other countries are fluent in more than one language, which puts us to shame (do Ryan Lochte and his teammates know Portuguese?). We need to drop the arrogant “we’re number one!” meme and embrace diversity. Learning about other cultures enriches our life experience and makes us better world citizens.

  1. I don’t think a SCHOOL facilitating the means for people to learn English and to help them get job training so they can work is pandering to them. People of different cultures exist in our country. That’s a fact. Denying them schooling and work is not going to make them go away, it’s only going to keep them from being the productive members of society that most of them want to be. They are hugely growing demographic, and some of my best, kindest most loving neighbors are originally from other countries, and I am so thankful to live in such a diverse neighborhood.

  2. Yes Ms. Stromeyer,, you might try living in diversity, what’s the saying: try it, you’ll like it! It takes effort on your behalf to do so. Or, you could volunteer for the wall brigade if Trump is elected!

  3. Ms. Stromeyer-I too am Caucasian, born and bred in the lovely neighborhood of North Beach (north of Ballard), back in the days that it was a quiet, undeveloped suburb. I welcome diversity despite being raised in a white, Norwegian neighborhood. I don’t want everyone to be like me,and I certainly don’t everyone to be like you. Like I said: Diversity, try it, you’ll like it.

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