District SAT scores surpass state, national averages

Edmonds School District students taking the national Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scored higher than their state and national counterparts in the three examination areas: critical reading, mathematics and writing.

With 805 students opting to take the exam known as a college admission testing tool, the mean score for critical writing was 532 compared to 523 and 497 in the state and nation, respectively.

“It is great to see the combined efforts of teachers, staff, parents and students resulting in some of the highest SAT scores ever for our district,” said Edmonds School District Superintendent Nick Brossoit.

“It is also encouraging to see this as a pattern of growth over recent years. It is wonderful to see these improvements in student learning and skills in particular over the same years we have had to make approximately $30 million in cuts due to state funding reductions. The focus and work we are doing as a system is making a positive difference.”

For a full picture of our district’s student success, see this chart.

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